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“Angels” appreciated
To the editor: It is unfortunate that in the city of Toledo that the East Side has such a bad reputation. There are many good neighborhoods with hard-working individuals – people who work eight to 10 hours a day, come home and find the time to clear the sidewalks of neighbors that are physically unable to do so.

Our “Clark Street Angels” are Darrell and Denise Metcalf, Mike Nichols and Bryan Reichard. We are so grateful they care about us.

Our hope is this letter serves as inspiration to others to think about our elderly and disabled neighbors and take care of one another.
Janet Powers

Misplaced revulsion
To the editor: After reading comments by the Rev. Robert Schramm, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, I realized another reason why I have left the Catholic Church.

He said “it is a personal source of revulsion that the death penalty is still in use here.” He was referring to the execution of Dennis McGuire for rape and killing a young lady and her unborn child. This man was a wild animal who had no respect for life and only wanted to satisfy himself.

Rev. Schramm never once mentioned why the death penalty was used. He never mentioned this young, innocent woman and her unborn child who were brutally killed by a wild animal.

It was a horrid act of violence and the family of the wild animal now wnts to sue the State of Ohio over how his execution was carried out. Did this family contact the family of the innocent people who were taken by the wild animal father? Did they ask how long this innocent woman and her unborn baby suffered at the hands of their father?

This wild animal deserved to die and if he suffered 20 minutes, it certainly wasn’t long enough. The family of these innocent victims should sue McGuire’s family for their loss and the pain and suffering the mother and her unborn baby endured.

This horrid act against them lasted more than 20 minutes. The last comment that Schramm made was, “Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong?” So did you want the State of Ohio to put him in jail for five years and let him back out to kill again? Is that justice? McGuire made that choice himself the day when he took two lives.

Wild animals are killed because they will kill again. Rev. Schramm showed no compassion for the victims, but was only upset about the death penalty.
Joanne Schiavone

To the editor: In response to several letters, I have to admit I’m somewhat confused. From the Affordable Care Act to immigration, the Obama administration has offered the conservatives a seat at the table and open debate on any issue facing this country. Some readers of this newspaper are under the impression that President Obama will have nothing to do with them.

I recall watching on C-SPAN Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) standing at the podium in the Senate, proclaiming it is the intent of Republicans to make sure this president is a one-term president, or words to that effect. While the president was giving the State of the Union address this year, Republicans were tweeting vile messages that were completely unfounded and Congressman Steve Stockman, of Texas, got up and walked out. At least they don’t shout, “you lie” anymore.

This Congress is the least productive in the history of this country. And while Republicans are wont to ignore the fact that the filibusters restrict any forward movement, and the constitutional fact that all legislation that pertains to any spending has to start in the House of Representatives first, the Republicans take every chance they can to blame this president.

I used to vote Republican but the lies have become unbearable and it is not hard to know who watches Fox News because they tell the most. I have books by O’Reilly, Rand and Greenspan and the like, but that was some time ago. They’ve changed for the sake of money and it is hard to argue with someone whose paycheck depends on what they think.
Jeff Pitzen




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