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‘Mount Trashmore’
To the editor: This letter has been on my mind for years; this morning I must sit here at the PC and get it done. It is truly an abbreviated version of what I would really like to say.

Out West, we have the beautiful monument to past presidents called Mount Rushmore. In Northwood, we have the smelly monument of trash that I will call Mount Trashmore.

This is the morning of July 12 – it is the second delightful day with low humidity, and the morning is just beautiful. We had 16-17 days of constant every-day rain, so it is just great to have the windows open all night and not have to worry about wet carpets.

But wait, as I begin to wake up about 6:30 a.m., I can tell immediately the direction of the wind this morning without lifting my head. It is from the north. You may ask, how I know this. The air in my room has that putrid smell of Mt Trashmore (“The Mount”) – the Northwood landfill and mound of trash.

What a wonderful way for all of us living beneath this mound of trash to exist – every sunset is destroyed, and almost every day has that distinct smell as you drive I-280. Lucky me, the winds do not come from the north very often but pity the folks to the East of “The Mount.”

No wonder Woodville Road has become an area of vacant buildings – Woodville Mall has become a thing of the past and will probably be torn down. People downwind cannot sell their homes. Who would want to live and work downwind from “The Mount?”

How high does this go? There is no end to it. It is probably about time to raise the maximum height again so we can continue the fill of “The Mount.” Now we have construction of a road worth millions so we don’t block the flow of trucks dumping more trash into “The Mount.”

Is there progress being made here? Is there any governmental organization that can control this nightmare for the folks beneath “The Mount?”
Rick Rowland
Lake Township

No surprise
To the editor: In the June 17 Suburban Press article by Cynthia L. Jacoby entitled “Sales tax becoming touchy issue in Ottawa County, the writer points out the Democrats on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners on March 13 made a temporary tax permanent without taking it to a vote of the people. While Republicans controlled the commission, they passed a temporary tax increase and avoided pay raises.

Last fall, the Ohio Democratic Party, led by Chris Redfern, campaigned against past commissioner Mark Stahl, condemning him for raising taxes without asking the voters for their opinion. After their candidate, Jodi Regal, was elected, she, along with the other Democratic commissioner, immediately did exactly what her party boss had declared to be inappropriate – they passed a permanent tax increase, even though the economy is now improving.

This situation is just another example of Redfern’s tactics. He promotes one position to get his candidate elected and then has his party minion do just the opposite. What a surprise.

You must conclude you cannot trust anything Redfern says. Now we will be paying more every time we go to the store, on a permanent basis. We have two Democratic commissioners to thank for that. These local politicians seem to follow the party line by taking temporary emergency tax increases and then making them permanent without regard for the electorate’s wishes.
Warren Will

Support appreciated
To the editor: Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County was awarded a grant from the Ottawa County Community Foundation to help with the costs of materials to help build a decent, simple and affordable home for a qualified family in Ottawa County.

Habitat is currently building a home for a family in the village of Oak Harbor. We would like to thank the Foundation for their continued support.
Shelley Asmus, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County

Guns in church?
To the editor: A bill has recently been introduced to the Ohio General Assembly by State Rep. Ron Maag, (R - Lebanon) to allow concealed carrying in churches. Before we as a state can form an opinion on this issue, we must look at all the facts surrounding the bill.

First, let’s take a look at the shooting in the movie theatre inside Aurora, Colo. As is with most businesses, there was and still is a sign proclaiming that firearms are not allowed within the facility. Did this sign or any law passed by either the Colorado government or the U.S. government stop James Eagan Holmes from entering the theatre on that night and killing 12 people while injuring 70 others? The answer is a simple no.

Let’s also examine the temple shooting in Wisconsin. In August of 2012, Wade Michael Page killed six people and injured four others. Did the sign outside the Sikh temple telling people not to bring a gun into the facility stop the shooter from going in and forever altering 10 families’ lives? Yet again we stumble across the answer – no.

The point I’m trying to make is that if a criminal wants to bring a gun into an area and cause harm to others, they will. No sign posted anywhere in a building will defend the people inside of a building. Rep. Maag understands this.

The issue at hand on whether to allow guns in churches is not an issue of what political party someone belongs to.

Instead, it is an issue of safety. It’s an issue of keeping people safe. We as a state must understand that times are changing. No place is as safe as it was 15 or even 10 years ago.

We must get this issue passed, so people can feel safer within their place of worship.
Byron Swartz




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