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Retail diversity
To the editor: I'm glad I'm not the only one who is disappointed with the recent “economic developments” in Oregon.

I have been a resident of Oregon since 2004 and I have yet to see anything that remotely resembles a decent and affordable place to shop besides Wal-Mart. I was beside myself with joy when I saw new buildings being constructed, thinking that maybe something worthwhile would finally be in our grasp. Then I saw the “Dollar Tree” sign.

We brag that our city has some pretty substantial offerings – a lakeside resort, golf courses, state parks, an excellent school system, etc. But drive down Navarre Avenue and watch the eyes glaze over as the miles of fast food establishments and banks roll by. No interesting stores. A lack of diverse and healthy dining choices. Hardly a fine offering for any visitors who pass through.

Clearly there is socioeconomic diversity in Oregon, but lately we’ve catered to only one side of the spectrum. I don't see the point in Oregon constructing all of these nice subdivisions and homes to appeal to the middle and upper classes who are subsequently forced to shop/mingle in Rossford or over by Westfield. I’m not telling anyone to turn Oregon into a West Toledo by any means, but please consider everyone on the socioeconomic scale, especially the taxpayers (who are paying out the rump, by the way). I remember taking a poll on Panera Bread’s website about where to build a new restaurant. One choice was Oregon and I nearly lost my mind with delight. Finally something healthy, trendy, and not fast food.

I took that poll probably four years ago. But hey, we got a Sonic, right? That's totally the same thing – not.

Want a tip, city leaders? Tear down that Food Town eyesore or even K-Mart and build a Target – diverse and affordable enough for everyone while maintaining an air of dignity. Think about it. In the meantime, I'll be sipping my grande soy latte at the cool new Biggby Coffee we just acquired. Because that's about the only thing catering to my demographic on the East Side.
Virginia Trace

Wake up
To the editor: Congratulations to Mary Jo Thieman Bosch for the letter in the May 13 issue of The Press. Many of us feel as she does, but are bullied by the few radicals that are trying to change our beliefs and country. “In God We Trust.” It was like you were looking into my mind and heart.

While I’m writing to The Press, there is something I have to say concerning Toledo Public Schools’ program for feeding the children in the school system. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m sure it helps those students concentrate on studies and not being hungry.

My only concern regarding the story in The Blade (May 7) was the large picture showing them being served on Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils that go in the dump. After phoning Larchmont School, I learned that every day, students are served meals that come in pre-packaged containers – throwaway containers and plastic silverware.

What kind of food is this? We as citizens are being encouraged to recycle, eat fresh fruits and vegetables – natural foods, not pre-packaged. This is something the First Lady of our country has as a pet project, and a good one, I might add.

When you go to the grocery store and see these young mothers filling their carts with all of this high sodium, non-nutritional packaged pre-packaged foods, this is what the school food program is teaching them.

What happened in the schools where you had these wonderful cooks that made food from scratch – food that was nutritional and tasted wonderful, served on a washable tray with real silverware that went through the dishwasher? This would also provide more jobs and teach the next generation to buy good fresh foods that are cooked on a stove and not zapped in a microwave.

We are being hammered to “go green” to stop obesity. What are these college-educated people doing to our next generation of leaders? Wake up, serve fresh food on a real plate with real silverware and wash it in the dishwasher.
Ruth Price

Wrong on many levels
To the editor: Mary Jo Bosch is wrong on so many levels in her rant on gay marriage (Right vs. wrong in the May 13 issue of The Press).

She claims respect for others’ biology. Where is the respect in denying two people love for each other? The only harm being done is to her outdated religious beliefs; it’s not like the harm she and others like her are causing normal people.

She got my dander up when she said society is falling apart because we don’t post the Ten Commandments in schools. Society falling apart is the only thing she got right. But it’s because of conservative religions, not lack of religion. Their Republican preferences for greed have broken unions and caused mass poverty, which always leads to crime. They have condoned torture like the animals they are. They have let firearms become so numerous in society that mass killings take place or shootings of innocent children.

Despite Bosch’s denial, they have spread hatred against liberals, gays and people of different skin color. They have elected radicals to government who refuse to compromise except on their terms. They bad mouth the government to push their corporate agenda.

So look in the mirror, Ms. Bosch, and see all the harm your kind is causing.
Albert Kapustar




Do you agree with President Trump's order that reunites illegal immigrant parents and their children?
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