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Program a success
To the editor: Humane Ohio is continuing our efforts to spay/neuter 1,400 cats in Toledo’s 43605 ZIP code and we wanted to let you know that the five free transports that we offered to residents in that ZIP code in December were a success.

As you know, we offered free transportation to and from our low-cost spay/neuter clinic throughout the month and used the East Toledo Family Center as the drop-off/pick-up location for the transports. We were able to completely fill every single transport, which means we spayed/neutered close to 150 cats from the 43605 ZIP code this month alone.

We saw a definite increase in the number of calls as a result of the ads The Press donated and the stories/photos you ran. The transports were actually slow to fill until you got on board, and we were worrying that we weren’t going to get enough cats to fill all of the transports. All of that changed, thanks in large part to the exposure you gave the project. We have spayed/neutered about 600 cats from that ZIP code since this project started in 2007, so we’ve got about 800 more to go. We will continue to spay/neuter stray cats in 43605 for free, and owned cats for $25 (if people provide proof of residency in the 43605 ZIP code) until we reach our goal of 1,400 cats.

We have scheduled five more free transports in January, starting around the middle of the month, and will continue to use the East Toledo Family Center as a pick-up/drop-off point (just a reminder that people need to contact Humane Ohio at 419-266-5607 to schedule an appointment if they want to use the free transports).

Thank you so much for being a part of our team and working with us to help 43605 residents afford spay/neuter and to help reduce the stray cat population in that neighborhood.

Jill Borkowski
Marketing Director, Humane Ohio

Skillful young man
To the editor: To Clark Jividen - Though I lack the qualifications to offer a clinical diagnosis, I seriously doubt that you are “demented.” You appear quite normal to me young man. You have proven yourself to be a skillful hunter and marksman possessing patience and determination beyond your years. Along with your parents, there are many people around who are proud of you and admire what you have accomplished. Any attempt to take away from what you achieved is in itself misguided.

You have exercised a basic necessary human instinct, which goes back tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of years, by taking the life of an animal to help provide for your family. I’m sure you’ll remember the hunters’ code of respecting your harvest and not being wasteful.

And most of all little hunter, be thankful that you have a mother who is willing to let you experience the harsh reality of life and not just letting you believe that reality comes between two buns along with fries, a pop and a toy delivered by a smiling clown figure.

Good hunting.
Randy Kania


History & culture
To the editor: I am writing in response to a letter by Kelly Meister about deer hunting being a disgusting behavior.

My name is Noah and I like to hunt. I attend Solomon Lutheran School in Woodville with Clark Jividen. He is the boy who shot the deer in the article. Hunting is not disgusting. I like hunting because I get to spend time with my dad, and it is nice to be outdoors. You can learn more about your environment while hunting. It is also part of our history and American culture.

My family donates extra venison to the needy. It also provides food for my family and others. I am only 9 years old, and I think I understand nature more than you.

Genesis 9:3 God said, “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

Noah Cable

An accomplishment
To the editor: I am writing today in response to a letter written by Kelly Meister in the Dec. 15 issue of The Press. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Clark on his deer. Many men, young and old alike, take great pleasure in hunting and hope for such a prize.

This young man did not shoot for sport and simply leave this animal to die. This animal will be providing food for the family as well as whomever they share it with. Last I checked, that is what most animals are used for. It is wonderful that a young man would be able to achieve such an accomplishment and provide for his family in such a way. 

 I have personally met the Jividen family and one would be hard pressed to find a more genuine, caring, and loving family. The only thing demented and sad about this whole situation is the fact that there are people out there who value the life of an animal over the lives, accomplishments and pride of children.

Way to go, Clark. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Widmer

In agreement
To the editor: Your last week’s letters to the editor printed a letter from Kelly Meister in which she was opposed to your printing a photo of a demented child grinning of the fact that he killed a defenseless deer.

I’m sure there are many of us out here that agree with Kelly.  I know I do.
Joseph V. Kubasek







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