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Cleanup a success
To the editor: The Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce Village-Wide Cleanup was held Saturday April 27. We had more than 50 volunteers come out to help clean up the downtown area, and we would like to recognize the following groups for their commitment: Oak Harbor Apple Festival Royalty Court; fifth-, sixth- and seventh-grade middle school students; the Oak Harbor High School baseball team and the Oak Harbor High School football team. We would also like to thank Community Markets for the use of their Dumpsters; the Village of Oak Harbor for donating trash bags and National Bank of Ohio for donating gloves for the event.

Nearly three-quarters of a Dumpster was filled on Saturday morning with trash that is no longer on our streets.  Everyone needs to do his or her part to help keep our small town beautiful.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated and their efforts to help keep Oak Harbor clean.
Valerie Winterfield
Executive Director, Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce

Depriving township citizens
To the editor: My father was fired from the Jerusalem Township as its fire chief.

It’s not that the township trustees made up a law that contradicts the actual law for citizens on emergency scenes that upsets me. It’s not the insurance agency that says it is not a liability and that all fire departments are covered for just that sort of scenario that ruffles my feathers. Or that before they made these accusations that they never bothered to contact our township’s insurance agent, Mrs. French to ask.

It’s not that they declined to hire on two separate occasions the ex-firefighter in question without explanation. It’s not that in my adult life, I couldn’t enjoy an adult beverage with my father since, as he always said, “I need to be ready in case the tones go off.”

I don’t get angry for the lack of appreciation that the three guys have for the business lost at our company because of the numerous hours spent in devotion to the fire department or to the free repairs done at our shop – from township tractors to the snowplows. I have even come to terms with the many events in my childhood, like sporting events my father missed because of something to do with the fire department.

But my blood boils every time I hear those tones go off and my father doesn’t sprint to his truck and take off. Because of three people, the citizens of our township have one fewer person in a volunteer department not coming to their aid. And not just a simple volunteer firefighter, I might add. They are depriving our citizens of a man with 30 years of experience – a full-time firefighter in the city of Toledo who sees more fires in one night then our township sees in a year. An instructor from everything to firefighting to building collapse. Certified in public safety diving, weapons of mass destruction, USAR, CERT, and countless others.

Nope, what makes me downright upset is that our township trustees put countless lives needlessly in danger every day.
Brian Stanton
Son of former Jerusalem Township Fire Chief Harry Stanton

Chipping away at our freedom
To the editor: Like it or not, the United States Constitution is the law of our land. Our Founding Fathers knew that to preserve this great experiment called America, the God-given right of its citizenry to self-defense should not be infringed. As such, they must be afforded ready access to the latest and greatest technology of their time.

Don’t take my word for it; spend time reading the Federalist Papers and learn from the likes of John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, et al. To say that the Second Amendment was written without considering AK-47 rifles is to say the First Amendment was written without considering email and the Internet. Ridiculous.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is doing what their dues-paying members have asked them to do – protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, and by doing so, every law-abiding citizen in this great nation – to the greatest extent possible.

Compare their mission to “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” approximately 900 mayors who wish to take more of our freedom and liberty away in the name of public safety. The tragedy encountered when mass-shootings take place – most recently at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. - should be our warning against such a false premise. Sorry Mayor Bloomberg, but I’ll cast my vote and write my check for freedom every time.

Speaking of Sandy Hook, Ms. Schiavone wondered in her letter to The Press just last week, “where in the Second Amendment are the rights of those 20 children and teachers killed in Newtown?” The answer is simple: the Second Amendment is their right. The federal government – once again in the interest of public safety – stripped those teachers, administrators, students, etc. of their Second Amendment right by declaring all public school campuses to be gun-free zones.

And so it goes, the law-abiding citizens are left to fear for their lives while someone with no regard for such a sign in the school window carries out an unspeakable atrocity before taking his own life.

More gun laws from government only lead to more gun laws broken by a criminal. Placing further restrictions on law-abiding citizens as a knee-jerk reaction to crimes they didn’t commit is absurd. Shameful and cowardly? Those two words perfectly describe our progressive government that continues to chip away at the freedom and liberties of the American people.

Molon Labe. (Come and take.)
David Otte

Missing cane sought
To the editor: While working at a rummage sale at Northwood Church of God on Thursday, April 25, I leaned my beautiful purple cane against the wall so I could put some books away.

At 9 a.m., the doors were opened and my purple cane was gone within minutes. The cane was very precious to me because it belonged to a friend who had passed away.

If the person who took my cane would bring it back to the church, I would say “thank you and God bless.”
Doris Hughes



Gas Prices

Gas prices are expected to soar this summer. Are you prepared to pay more?
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