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Thanks, Ted
To the editor: Ted Nugent says that guns don’t commit crimes, people do. Thanks, Ted.

You’ve just offered the best reason for gun registration, background checks, closing gun show loopholes, and passing legal guidelines for assault weapons and surrogate “straw” purchases.

Ted also points to tough gun laws and rising murder rates in Chicago as proof that gun laws are ineffective. Again, thanks for bringing this up, Ted.

Tough gun laws need to be national so that criminals won’t go over state lines like they do in Illinois. Finally, Ted says that 99.9 percent of gun owners are responsible. That’s good, Ted. But since 1960, that other 0.1 percent has been responsible for many deaths.

Thanks for alerting the majority of NRA members and the nation who favor sensible gun legislation, Ted.
Paul Szymanowski

Slow it down
To the editor: You press the accelerator and feel the raw power as your hyper-chipped, turbo diesel, springs to life. The high-flow custom exhaust sounds as if 400-plus horses are snorting in unison while the speedometer quickly climbs toward 50 mph in only a few hundred feet. The adrenaline-fueled rush gives you a boost of excited energy, as you are thrown back against your seat.

As I recall, I have noticed you enjoying your thrill ride since the middle of last summer. You have obviously invested a lot of money in performance upgrades. It is your truck, so you have every right to thrash it to your heart’s content. The only problem is you are doing it on my densely residential 35 mph Toledo Street.

Since I am a mechanic, I know that parts in a vehicle’s suspension and drive train have been known to sometimes break, resulting in a loss of control. These parts are especially vulnerable to failure when they are subjected to abuse on a regular basis.

There are a number of children in my neighborhood including four of my own grandchildren who ride bikes and play in the front yard. Like I said it is your truck – you are entitled to treat it any way you want. I just want to say that the risk of a terrible accident is not something that my family wishes to share with you. And since my grandchildren are a part of this equation, I have to say that, if anything were to happen to them, I would without question become quite vengeful.

Now I could just call the law and ask them to talk to you, but my karma tells me not to. Besides I really don’t think you need the trouble. So could you slow it down until you get out of town?
Randy Kania

Lighten up
To the editor: It seems to me that the recent forced resignations of the two Lake Township firefighters and especially the fire chief were excessive. A reprimand and/or a suspension would have been sufficient. Lighten up trustees.
Donald Shaffer

Church is frugal
To the editor: After reading the letter from Dave Jaeger, I felt the need to add my two cents in the matter of St. Ignatius’ new church building.

I cannot speak for others but my family goes, I feel, way above and beyond the call of “stewardship” to others. We volunteer our time, give our money and share our talents in many different ways – most of them actually not even connected with our parish. We’ve even taken a couple people into our home that needed a hand. We received no help for doing this, no award. It was just the right thing to do.

So for you, Mr. Jaeger, to insinuate that we don’t do enough for the community/poor/homeless is absolute lunacy. It’s pretty much how we spend our days. We are not rich. We do not stand to inherit a large amount of money. We are very middle-class – especially since I became unemployed in August 2011. We bust our cans for everything we do and everything we have.

Even though I am not working, we have not changed how we give. We live within our means. When we need to make a large purchase or want to do something special, we save for it. We are one of the 350 families paying the bill for our much-needed new church building.

Believe me, soul-searching is something we do before we do anything. Not really soul-searching, as much as God-searching – praying, that is. We consult God first before doing anything and He has always taken care of us. We have never not had food on the table; never not been able to pay our bills. It has been very scary at points, but we always trust that it will work out – and it always does.

So, Mr. Jaeger, for you to insinuate that we are being frivolous is extremely insulting to me, to my family and parish family.

Frankly, the fiscal business of our parish members is their business and nobody else’s. And, as I would never assume that I could begin to tell people what to do with their money or assets – personally or in business practice, I would never expect anyone to give me such unsolicited advice. As I’m not sure any of us asked for you (whom I don’t even know) to inform us of what to do with our money, as it is just that – our money – to do with as we please, we don’t really warrant a response from you in that respect.

In Oregon, in Ohio, and, for now, in the United States of America – it is everyone’s own personal decision what to do with his or her earned income. If we want to spend everything we have on a train collection, or give it all to the Cherry Street Mission, that is our right. It is also up to churches to do with their money as their parish sees fit.

The existing structure, as it stands, is not, as indicated, “structurally sound.” The idea of repair was considered, and it was shown to be very, very costly – and of course only temporary. All avenues were discussed with those of us who took the time to discuss them. This new church is being built – not for us, for today, but for future generations to enjoy.

Yes, these are uncertain times and getting more uncertain by the hour. So, in 10 years, or 20, when we really need to build a new structure, are times going to be any better?  I strongly doubt it, considering the direction of un-Godliness that our country has taken. We may not be business owners, have a ton of money, or hold patents, but we are well-educated people and we do research before we make decisions.
Julie Cox
Paul Cox Jr.
St. Ignatius Parish members

Generosity applauded
To the editor: I recently helped with the Oregon Health & Welfare Christmas Basket program. Before the distribution started, Bo Marquette announced that BP had donated $3,500 to the organization. He said that the donation had been made from the BP Husky refinery employees. The refinery had set a Safety record and the company was going to reward the employees. At Christmastime the employees decided to donate the monies to local charities – all $20,000 of it.

I wanted to congratulate the employees on their generosity to the community at these tough times

John Eisenhart

Sad misunderstanding
To the editor: My three children graduated from Clay High School alive and well, and are responsible, successful citizens. That was many years before school mass shootings were happening.

P.J. Kapfhammer was charged with menacing and disorderly conduct after the unfortunate incident when he had to confront a disabled man.

Too bad all people involved in being at the gym, including Mr. Kapfhammer, weren’t aware Thomas Blackowski was cleared to be in the gym. I’m still wondering why someone there didn’t identify Blackowski. Surely others must have known that he was cleared to be there at the time of the confrontation. Why didn’t anyone speak up, or identify him?

I firmly believe Kapfhammer did the proper thing for these times and days of danger – he followed through on what was the best for the most people.

Had Blackowski been a shooter, citizens could be attending untold numbers of funerals, instead of court hearings.

Had my children been there, I personally would offer a medal to Kapfhammer.
Marge Stover

Afraid of government
To the editor: I am 85-plus years old, served in the Air Force and have never been afraid of my government – until now.

This President scares me. It appears to me that he is trying to do what Hitler did in 1933. I have not talked to two people who voted for him.

I do not like military-type rifles. Our snipers did more damage than the man with a machine gun. If you can hit a target, you do not need a spray gun. I buy my guns through dealers and I know the FBI keeps a record.

I am also an NRA member.
George Biecheler
Oak Harbor




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