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Thoughts to consider 
To the editor: An East Sider’s gripes for the month:

1, The Catholic Church needs more priests. Solution – allow male priests to marry and allow women to become priests. Women are true believers – more so than most men. I am sure that women would be fine priests.

2. Our volunteer army has been fighting in the Middle East for more than 10 years. I believe it is a sin to send those men back four or five times on a tour of duty. Couldn’t we have drafted more men, overwhelmed the enemy and gotten out there sooner?

3. They plan to put women in infantry units or start an all-women’s infantry unit. Throughout mankind’s history, women have joined the fighting when needed. As a child, I was taught never to punch a girl. As a teenager, I was taught to respect and protect girls and women.

Putting women in the infantry when they aren’t needed is like spitting in the face of American manhood.

4. When I went to work for the company, the guy I replaced taught me the job. When I moved up in the line of progression, I taught my replacement.  It took me 26 years to work 19 jobs in the line of progression and finally reach my last job as an assistant foreman. That was in the plant, but I am certain it was like that in the office for the executives.

What gripes me is that when leaders in the community retire or quit, we search the state or even the country to replace them. If they haven’t taught an associate or two to replace them, they haven’t done their job.

What do you think?
Louis Agoston

Don’t get derailed
To the editor: I would like to say that the former mayor of Walbridge, Dan Wilczynski, did get a lot of things done in the last several years. Last year, he wanted to take care of the alleys and property of individuals that are not kept up like they should be.

This would include painting homes and cleaning up yards that are despicable. The people in this town should not have to bring this up at council meetings. I am sure these individuals are aware of this.

Last summer, the mayor wanted to work on the alleys, but some of the council members backed down from it.

Now that we have a temporary mayor and some new “temporary” council people, some of these things can be done this summer. No one expects the township to asphalt these alleys – that would be costly. There are things they could do that would be cost-effective, like digging the alleys with a front-end loader and a grater. They need to be taken down a foot or more and then have new stone put in.

Some of the potholes are getting ridiculous. I talked to one of the temporary council people about this issue. They will be bringing this up in the weeks to come. Most of the people in this town have lived here an average of 20 to 40 years and care about its future.

We all need to work to keep this town on the right track. We do have some people that come here and rent and don’t seem to care what their place looks like, which makes the rest of the town look bad. If they don’t follow certain rules with the upkeep on their homes and their dogs running around with no leash, they should leave and this would not have to be brought up at every town meeting.

This is my personal opinion and I am sure there are other people in this town who think the same way.
Erwin Frohlich

Two sides
To the editor: A few weeks ago, I submitted a letter to The Press about some of the causes of sickness of some Americans in regards to the treasure of human life. Our little children, one would think would be our greatest treasure.

I made a comment about some of us not needing military-type rifles. Lo and behold, I received many phone calls in reply to my comment.

Ok, my mind is open to discussion. After listening to the calls and then asking almost everyone I ran into the following weeks about this gun thing, I would like to share what I have heard. Almost 200 people were asked.

Most folks, not all of my contacts, had the following opinion: We think we need these guns for protection– not so much from people who break into our houses or hold us up on the streets or cause us bodily harm – to, and I quote, “Protect us from a government that might go astray.”

If the federal government ever decided to override our democratic society and become rulers such as Hitler, Stalin or Fidel Castro, the first art of taking control would be the removal of all weapons from the people. Then who is in control?

Scare you? It should. There are always two sides to every story.
Larry Erard

Times have changed
To the editor: I am the mother of the two Clay High School students and I am writing this letter to address the situation in regards to P.J. Kapfhammer approaching the 25-year-old inside the school weight room. I have only had students at the high school level over the last four years and even though this young man has been around the school longer than that, I would not know him. As a parent, I would have been concerned to see him in the weight room with the students.

The faculty wears ID badges. The man, an honorary manger, is an adult, therefore he should also have an ID badge or he should only be there when the coach is present to avoid this happening again. It should not be up to the student to say he is allowed to be there – the students should not be in charge. According to the article, this young man did not have the school board’s permission to be in the weight room. If he had the proper clearance, he would have been identifiable and this situation would not have taken place.

This situation did not come about because someone is autistic. Just because someone is autistic, it doesn’t mean that I would be able to identify it by looking at him. I know someone who is autistic who is very responsible and I know someone who is autistic that I have witnessed dodging traffic on Navarre Avenue. If the fact that the young man is autistic means that he could not speak for himself, then he should not be in the school without some sort of ID showing that he has the school board’s permission, and the coach should also be present. This is for his protection as much as it is for the protection of the students.

Even though this young man has been around as an honorary manager for quite some time, times have dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Ten years ago, I was a Cub Scout den leader attending mandatory “Two-Deep Leadership” training that the Boy Scout organization was beginning to put into place. “Two-Deep Leadership” requires that scout meetings and campouts can only take place if a minimum of two leaders are in attendance. If possible, leaders should always be in pairs when among the students. A policy such as that would have kept this situation from escalating.

As for Mr. Kapfhammer’s role in the situation, I am not saying that yelling is proper. He is not only the school board president, he is a father first. I am grateful he is looking out for all the students. He is not the first person to yell at someone that may not deserve it. Every day, office workers, wait staff, customer service representatives and countless others must endure someone’s wrath as agents of the person or company that employs them and charges cannot be brought against the offenders.

If I were the mother of the honorary manager, I would have insisted that my son was properly identified so there would be no confusion. After all, Mr. Kapfhammer had just attended school safety training. With so many other tragic situations in our world over the last 10 years, the young man’s mother and the baseball coach should have been more protective of him beforehand and Mr. Kapfhammer would not have had to feel protective of everyone else.
Mary Lee Grieshaber



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