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Common sense on taxes
To the editor: It is not surprising Walbridge Village Council recently voted to put the resolution on hold that I introduced regarding a request for state legislation to have all elected and appointed officials  current on their tax liabilities.

I wonder why they would not think that it is a good idea that elected and appointed officials who control our tax money should not be allowed to do so when they themselves cannot or will not pay their taxes? Seems like common sense to me. Maybe there is the answer.

Village council should check again whether it is against the law to not pay their taxes.

Also, so what if we would lose half of our elected officials? If they cannot control their own spending sufficiently well to pay their taxes, then they don't deserve to be handling and controlling taxpayer money.

This kind of great divide, on what I consider to be common sense, is why this council and I did not see eye to eye. I hope the state senate continues to support this idea for a new state law. (I did get an inquiry from them when I introduced it.) I certainly do think it is a good idea and I would imagine most people also think this is a good idea.

Please Walbridge council, reconsider.
Dan Wilczynski
Former mayor of Walbridge

Pipeline’s false promise
To the editor: State Rep. Bob Latta said that President Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline because it would decrease the price of oil in the United States. This is what his Tea Party bosses and the Koch brothers would have you believe.

Oil prices in the Midwest will increase as refining is diverted from Midwest refineries to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only is the pipeline an environmental hazard, there is also no guarantee that this oil ends up in the U.S.

The Gulf is a perfect location from which to ship oil overseas.
Paul Szymanowski

Fireworks donations sought
To the editor: For the past seven years, the Elmore Area Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the “Red, White, and Boom” Fireworks program at the end of June.

The program involves a chicken barbecue, entertainment and a wonderful fireworks display after dark. This year, the program will be held on Saturday, June 29. The chicken barbecue will be at 4 p.m. at Woodmore High School, with entertainment following at Well Park, followed by the fireworks.

The Chamber does not have large corporate sponsors for this program. All the fundraising comes through small businesses and organizations as well as donations from individuals. This year, the Chamber needs $8,000 to pay for the fireworks. They have $4,000 raised currently.

Many local residents and their families have enjoyed the fireworks from their homes and from their cars by the side of the road, in addition to those who have come to Well Park to view them there.

If you have enjoyed the Elmore fireworks in the past, won't you consider making a donation to help with the costs? There will soon be cans to collect donations in local businesses, or donations may also be mailed to the Elmore Area Chamber of Commerce, Box 179, Elmore, OH, 43416.
Georgiana Huizenga

New church not needed
To the editor: For approximately three years, there has been a large fundraising campaign within the St. Ignatius Catholic community. This faith-centered high-pressure campaign is aimed at raising money to build a new church.

The main reasons being given for needing a new church are that the building is not big enough and that the handicap accessibility is poor, as well as it is difficult to move caskets in and out of the building for funerals. I find these reasons difficult to accept as a basis for tearing down a perfectly good, historic building and spending millions of dollars to replace it. St. Ignatius is a sound, beautiful church that could be renovated at a fraction of the projected cost of a new building. A small addition for an elevator and additional seating, installation of air conditioning, modernization of kitchen facilities and redecorating of the existing structure would make it, by today’s standards, a comfortable, user-friendly church.

A new large, state-of-of-the-art facility is not needed, nor can it be afforded. Membership in the Catholic community, St. Ignatius included, is declining and most parishioners at St. Ignatius are up in years. When these individuals are gone, the proposed building and the overhead will be more than declining active membership can financially maintain. In such uncertain economic times, I find it senseless and morally wrong to spend so much money so foolishly.

We have many families in our community who are struggling financially and are going without necessities; therefore, I think that it is time for some soul-searching to be done within the St. Ignatius family. Rather than asking for monetary pledges from the parishioners for a new church, maybe we should explore ways to help those in need within our community, many of whom are our members who are being strong-armed into giving money that they should be using to provide for their families.

I ran across an elderly husband and wife who did not want to give to the church fund, but for some reason through that if they did not donate they could not be buried in the church cemetery. When I was contacted to donate, I told the priest that I would not donate because I did not believe in the tearing down of a perfect and historic building. I do not need a building to have a God.
Dave Jaeger



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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