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Commitment lauded
To the editor: Regarding the Oregon Health and Welfare Christmas Basket Campaign, unfortunately, sometimes a name is omitted or recognition is lost in the shuffle to get things done on a time restraint target. 

I feel I must acknowledge Bob and Bobby Reynolds, who are most generous in their support of time and contribution to Oregon Health and Welfare Christmas Basket program.

Thanks so much to them and all who share their commitment.
Bob Marquette, Chairman
Oregon Health and Welfare Christmas Basket Campaign

How far we’ve fallen
To the editor: From my dad:
It has been more than a month since the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. There has been all kinds of hand-wringing over what happened, along with a lot of finger-pointing.

I am going to quote George Washington and ask each of us to search our souls as to how far we have fallen.  “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”  – from George Washington’s first Inaugural Address.
Rufus Wallace

Taxpayers protected
To the editor: The people of the Village of Walbridge voted in the mayor’s election of 2011 and the majority of voters were not for former Mayor Dan Wilczynski. The votes were 40 percent for the mayor and 60 percent were split for the other two running for this position. So he would not have had to resign because he would have never gotten elected.

Ohio law clearly requires people elected to boards to attend at least 60 percent of the meetings in any two-year period.

It is not the fault of the four members of council for following the law. There were council meetings, committee meetings and special meetings missed. This is not a business but a village and he was not the CEO, but just a mayor who wears a hat and can only vote when there is a tie.

Now that the four members of council wanted to take back the village from being run like a business and a CEO, they were criticized by Wilczynski. Perhaps he should have checked on the Ohio law before running again.

I love living in the village and now that we have council members ready to run the village in a forward motion, I applaud them for their action. Thank God there are laws that protect us taxpayers from this kind of political behavior.
Joann Schiavone
Editor’s note: Dan Wilczynski received 454 votes in the Nov. 2011 election. Ron Liwo received 322 and Stewart Murphy received 344, according to the Wood County Board of Elections.




Do you agree with President Trump's order that reunites illegal immigrant parents and their children?
33745710 [{"id":"262","title":"Yes. Families should not be broken up.","votes":"3","pct":33.33,"type":"x","order":"1","resources":[]},{"id":"263","title":"No. A judge's ruling in 1997 separates illegal immigrant families.","votes":"0","pct":0,"type":"x","order":"2","resources":[]},{"id":"264","title":"Yes. Illegal immigrant families should then be deported.","votes":"6","pct":66.67,"type":"x","order":"3","resources":[]}] ["#194e84","#3b6b9c","#1f242a","#37414a","#60bb22","#f2babb"] sbar 160 160 /component/communitypolls/vote/97-immigrant No answer selected. Please try again. Thank you for your vote. Answers Votes ...