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Donations appreciated
To the editor: The Elmore Unit of the Salvation Army wishes to thank the Elmore Kiwanis, the Key Club of Woodmore High School, Martin Marietta and individual volunteers for faithfully standing by our kettles during the cold month of December.

A total of $8,296.46 was collected from Elmore and Woodville. This was an increase of $2,653.19 compared to last year’s kettle drive.

The money collected in Elmore this year is being spent in Elmore and Woodville, and will also help school children in need. Last year, we assisted people with heating, food, rent, prescriptions, lodging and other emergency needs. This past year, we disbursed $1,835.22 back to our local communities. Assistance was given to transients in need of fuel, lodging, etc.

A special thanks to all who bought gifts for the Angel Trees in Woodville and Elmore, and to Sharon Arndt and her elves, who wrapped and distributed these gifts. Twenty families and 57 children received gifts through the program.

Thanks to all of you who donated.
Nancy Weidner
Treasurer, Salvation Army, Elmore Unit

Remember at election time
To the editor: It is about time that Congressman Bob Latta voted for the best interest of the people in his 14-county district, and for the best interest of our country.

Thank you, Mr. Latta for being one of six Ohio Republicans who voted for the bill on incomes below $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for families, while letting the income tax rate on higher incomes rise from 35 to 39.6 percent.

We also must thank the five Ohio Democrats that also voted for the bill, including Marcy Kaptur, while seven Ohio Republicans, including Jim Jordan, of Urbana, voted against the bill. I would like to know who this group is that is called The Club for Growth. It sounds like they are making the decisions for this Republican Party.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the government worked for the people and by the people. Just because this social growth group opposed the fiscal cliff vote, it will hold it against anyone from the Republican Party and the members of Congress who voted for it. The members of this group should be investigated if they have this kind of power over our elected officials. Is this why Mr. Latta voted against the rescue of the auto industry in 2009?

Then it is also the Tea Party that is upset at Mr. Latta’s vote and might make it difficult for him when he runs again.

I would like to remind this Republican Congress it works for us, not for Club For Growth or for the Tea Party.

Come election time, we will remember those who supported this vote and those who didn’t.
Joann Schiavone

To the editor: I read your article titled, “Maumee Bay is starting to freeze up,” by Kelly J. Kaczala. I found the article to be interesting, however, not totally accurate.

I am a proud retired employee of Toledo Edison Company. I worked there from 1957 through 1993, serving in a number of capacities.

Bay Shore Number 1 Unit went into service in 1951, Number 2 in 1954, Number 3 in 1963 and the Number 4 unit in 1968. Sandy Bihn stated that in 1987 when she moved there, the ice on the bay was thick. How could that be – the plant was running at full capacity? 

She further states that by 1990, there was no ice. How could that be? The plant was still running at full capacity, except weekends. In the later years, due to efforts to reduce discharges from the stack, the plant started burning western coal. This reduced generation by close to 20 percent. The bay still did not freeze up. It is true that the plant is using much less water today and the impact on the fish is greatly reduced. And Bihn may be able to walk on the ice, but I would strongly recommend against it.

Bay Shore provided electric to Northwestern Ohio for 50 years, employing approximately 300 people at very good wages. When the plant was built, there were no Sandy Bihns to complain about the ice or the fish – only people happy to have heat and lights. Maybe all the people who think electric generation is bad should turn off their electric service for 48 hours during the winter and see how they feel about electric then.

The new plant to be built in Oregon will cost us all dearly. When the economy turns around enough that these gas-fired units are needed, they will be using up the natural gas supply. This, in turn, will drive the cost of natural gas up. Also the cost of generating electric with natural gas is much higher than generation with coal. Guess who will pay this additional cost?

I doubt that The Press will give this the same coverage as the article, but surely the people of Northwest Ohio deserve the truth, not the half-truths of this article.
Fred Kraemer

Informed decision needed
To the editor: Benton Township residents in Ottawa County recently learned that the board of trustees is considering buying the former Graytown School from the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education.

The 75 or so people who attended a meeting about this Jan. 2 were told the trustees have been looking at the building since July as a possible location for offices, meeting rooms, records storage and maintenance facility needs, and that the school board wants a decision this month.

We also learned the township will have to rent out space in the building to cover costs. Although the purchase was presented as a “good deal,” no one was able to say exactly what the trustees expect to pay for the building, who would be interested in renting space in it, how much rent would need to be generated, the cost of necessary improvements or the total cost of maintaining the building, which was built in 1938.

The trustees declined to ask for a show of support for this plan at the Jan. 2 meeting because they said this would not reflect the opinion of every person in the township.

The trustees do not need voter approval to proceed with this plan, unless it would be to ask for additional money. I do not believe the township should be pressured into making a decision on buying this building before the questions that remain are answered. I would strongly suggest that residents who share my concerns contact the trustees.
Judy Roberts

Toledo water

Do you feel comfortable drinking water coming from the city of Toledo
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