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Week of 10/22/12
Written by John Szozda   
Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:10

Know your customers
To the editor: Here’s a message for businesses – know your customers.

After doing business in the village bank for more than 52 years, I was trying to cash a $17 check from a well-known company. To my surprise, the bank teller told me that she didn't recognize me and asked for a photo ID.

Needless to say, I was, as they say, floored.

Customers want respect. This was especially hard on me after just coming from my heart doctor. I was not mad at the teller or the manager – it’s the bank's new attitude toward the customers. That is all it took to move my funds to another bank.
Glenn R. Hecox

Teleprompter aid
To the editor: Sorry, Rufus Wallace, to burst your bubble to see how bad President Obama would do without his teleprompter. But all presidents at one time or another use a teleprompter. So do TV announcers, etc.

Have you forgotten how Sarah Palin wrote on her hand – a sort of makeshift teleprompter?
Ethan and Joanna Remley

Honor our vets
To the editor: Our military has suffered greatly the attacks of “sneakers” hitting us “below the belt,” knocking down our Twin Towers, causing loss of the plane in the Pennsylvania field and even the Pentagon. Remember the times our embassies were attacked and the U.S.S. Cole being hit. And never forget Pearl Harbor.

Since announcing the date of our withdrawal, the most recent attack on our embassy in Libya has sent home four more bodies. You know the details of all that they have suffered – just look at the bodies of many arriving from overseas who are our guardians.

Quoting a veteran, “Our military should be strong enough to deter our adversaries; it must be ready so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past,” referring to the early stages of the Korean Conflict, where we lost too many good service people because we had cut our military so deeply.

Veterans Day is our day to bring out the flag to honor those wonderful veterans who gave whatever was called for to keep us free. They have taken the brunt to keep those offenders off our shores to the best of their abilities.

Veterans Day is Nov. 11. How do you plan to honor your veterans?
Yvonne N. Darling

Many thanks
To the editor: Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County would like to thank everyone who stopped by their booth at the Oak Harbor Apple Festival this year. Also, thank you to the many volunteers who devoted their time.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the Oak Harbor – Penta FFA students for constructing the picnic tables for our fundraiser.  Bryan Witt of Oak Harbor was the winner of our kiddie table, Teresa Ferguson won the OSU table and Chris Hepner of Oak Harbor was the winner of the U of M table.

Shelley A. Asmus, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County.

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posted by Daniel R. Schaefer, October 23, 2012
The President must not have a high regard for our intelligence. For example, although he claims to have protected or improved the economy, energy, national security, and international relations, he rejected the Keystone XL Pileline from Canada. In a recent debate, he defended this rejection by claiming we've supposedly built enough pipeline to wrap around the Earth.

Whether this is true or not is immaterial. Prices are dictated by supply and demand. The Keystone pipeline was a major project which would have increased the supply of energy in the United States, thus exerting downward pressure on its price.

By personally rejecting that pipeline to appease extremists, Obama missed an opportunity to attempt to make energy more affordable, reduce our dependence on foreign energy, and in the process create many more jobs.

We need to develop all resources that we can, not just some of them.

Thus merely claiming that we supposedly already have pipelines that circle the globe only evades the issue.

How gullible does he think we are?

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