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Off base again
To the editor: The liberals on city council are again trying to control every aspect of life in Oregon. We keep having the same tired people with their same tired ideas elected over and over again. Their liberal agenda is really getting old.

After having read the comments made by council members Jim Seaman, Tom Susor and Sandy Bihn about Kmart being an ugly property, I can’t help but agree with Jean Vrahiotes. Did you council members even bother to notice that their building was repainted in the past year or two? Why can’t you find more important ways to bring new business to Oregon other than to denigrate the businesses we do have? I for one would appreciate a new attitude from council or, better yet, why don’t you just get out of the way – like retire or quit – and let some fresh people with new ideas take a stab at promoting our city as business-friendly?
Joe Osterman

Not right
To the editor: I would have to agree with Audrey Caligiuri in regards to parking on your own grass in your own yards.

Northwood City Council put an ordinance in a while ago that says you cannot park in front of your home unless you have a curb. Considering that more people don't have curbs on this side of town than people that do, where would the city like us to have visitors park? Luckily we have a large driveway and parking across the street at Brentwood Park, but most people over here do not have that option.

Where would the police and city council like us to have our visitors park? The parking ordinance with the curb requirement came about because of streets that are not wide enough to accommodate parked cars and emergency vehicles. Most of the streets over here are wide enough for both of those things to occur. Some of our streets were made wide enough for parking and vehicles to get through.

The ordinance needs to be re-evaluated and changed so that people can have people over. It’s expensive to purchase stone or gravel, and you still have to get permission from the city before you could put that down anyway. Maybe the police should spend their time on more important issue, or does the city not want us to have visitors, holiday get-togethers or anyone over to our homes?

We asked for that ordinance to be re-evaluated when it first went into effect and when, without warning, one of our neighbors was issued a ticket for parking in front of their own house, where they had parked for years with no problem.

I understand emergency vehicles need to be able to get through, but when there is room and you still can’t park in front of your own home, that is not right.
Pat Hollabaugh



Gas Prices

Gas prices are expected to soar this summer. Are you prepared to pay more?
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