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Not business-friendly
To the editor: In response to the article, “Oregon wants business to shore up appearance,” exactly how many complaints have you received from your citizens regarding KMart’s “unsightly” parking lot?

Would the city rather see a tired truck driver park and nap or accidents from that tired driver? The building in front may need to be repainted and the parking lot spruced up a bit (fixing holes and getting rid of weeds) but the trucks are not making it unsightly.

I do not think that a parking lot is hurting commercial development as much as the bickering the city does when a business wants to open. This is not a business-friendly city, as everyone already knows, or it would be booming like Perrysburg and Sylvania.

What gives councilman James Seaman the right to make the statement, “Business is not that strong there” and “There’s not a lot of customers there?” Does he do their books? Any business reading his statements surely would not want to be in this city.

Council President Tom Susor, exactly what negative effects is the parking lot having on the community? These are only the council’s opinions, not the opinions of the citizens. I really do not think a parking lot should be blamed for harming the community or for the problems with the city’s development. Maybe the city should concentrate on more important matters other than “their” visions of an “unsightly” parking lot.
Jean Vrahiotes

Help for school kids
To the editor: Every year, since 2002, The Salvation Army-Port Clinton Service Unit has offered a school supply assistance program (Tools for School) in August.

This year, the program served 600 local students with school supplies and a new backpack. Since this program was completely funded by donations, the overwhelming success was due to our local residents, businesses and organizations that donated funds such as the Ottawa County Community Foundation Grant.

Thank you to all who have contributed funds, supplies and volunteer hours to this program. We could not continue to help our children without your support.

The Salvation Army - Port Clinton Service Unit currently has additional supplies and book bags available to anyone who is still in need of these items.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 419-732-ARMY.
Maureen M. Saponari
Director, The Salvation Army

A difficult decision
To the editor: I have been driving for many years and have made all the driving mistakes and blunders. When I see another driver make a mistake, I try to smile and remain calm.

A couple of months ago, I turned into a store parking lot on Starr Avenue and a young man walked across in front of me. I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I honked my horn and rolled my window down and insulted him.

I pulled ahead and mailed some letters. The young man walked over to me and said that this is a private parking lot and the pedestrian has the right-of-way.

No one ever told me that. I never read that anywhere. I never heard that before. The young guy seemed like a fine young man and I felt sorry for insulting him.

I asked my buddy, who has been in the insurance business for more than 50 years if the pedestrian has the right-of-way in a private parking lot. He said, “Because it is privately owned, the police won’t respond to a call there unless there is a serious injury.” But he said that he has sat in on numerous court cases between a driver and pedestrian and in all the cases, the pedestrian was right and won.

I asked two police officers. They said there is no such law. They added that people should use common sense. The driver should drive slowly and carefully in a parking lot and a pedestrian should be certain the driver is stopping before crossing in front of a car.
Louis R. Agoston

Community thanked
To the editor: The members of the Millbury Fireman's Association would like to thank the community and businesses that have supported the past Millbury Fireman's Annual Ox Roast.

We regret that we will be unable to host the event for this year, 2012. This was a difficult decision to make, however due to the current economic times and our decrease is membership, we feel that we cannot deliver a quality event. It is our hope to be able to involve the community and possibly start a new event with participation from the Village of Millbury, local schools, churches, civic groups, businesses etc. to form a partnership being able to bring a fun-filled family event back to Millbury.

Again, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the citizens and businesses that have supported us in the past, and hope you continue to do so with our other fundraising activities. Our continued mission is to support the Lake Township Fire Department and the needs of the Millbury (Lake Township) community.

If anyone living in Lake Township would like to join the Millbury Fireman's Association as an associate member, we would like to invite you to attend our regular business meetings, which are held at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month at the Fire Hall on Oak Street.

You can also check for information and upcoming events on the Millbury Fire Hall's Facebook page or our web page at, or contact us by phone at 419-836-7238.
Jonathan Hart
President, Millbury Fireman's Association




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