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Let’s give the last word of 2009 to the people who made the pages of The Press.

“The residents here don’t want anything. They don’t want any money to drop that appeal. We have parties in the park twice a month in the summer. We’re a tight knit community…Many of them have lived here most of their lives. These folks are tired of the pollution that they deal with.”
Harbor View Mayor Carl Stanoyevic on turning down an offer of $500,000 by FDS Coke Plant LLC to drop its appeal before Ohio’s Environmental Review Appeals Board.

“That’s what we are looking at —opportunities. You may see empty buildings, empty stores, houses, but what we see is opportunity because as the Marina District progresses, we are going to grow, too.”
Bill Farnsell, director of Neighborhood Housing Services and member of a planning group for the Garfield Neighborhood and Main/Starr Business District, on taking advantage of spin-off from the Marina District.

“It doesn’t matter if they think they should be rescued or not. Once a rescue operation starts, the authorities are in control and you will get off the ice.”
Bob Bratton, Ottawa County sheriff, expressing frustration on the cost of rescuing 130 ice fishermen who went out on Lake Erie on a 50 degree day in February.

“I don’t care if they rag on him (Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner) and say he gave away too much to keep Chrysler—but if we didn’t have that Jeep plant, Toledo would be a ghost town.”
Bob Graham, owner of Tri County Tire, talking about the economy.

“I used to be real quiet. I was the kind of guy who held everything inside until it was too late. And, then, things got broke. Once you unleash it, you can’t take it back. I learned the hard way I guess. It’s better to get it out and talk about it than keep it bottled up and fester over it because everybody pays the wrong way…One mistake can hurt you for the rest of your life.”
Jesus Benavidez on helping his children learn skills to control their tempers by involving them in a home based family counseling program run through Unison Behavioral Health Group.

“We as parents set the scene for the next act. It was rough. It was rocky. But, we communicate better now. If it wasn’t for Unison, we’d be at each other’s throats. We have healthier, happier kids and I have a better relationship with their father. It’s not about us as adults any more. It’s about us as parents.”
Lara Rink, Benavidez’s ex-wife, on putting aside differences with her ex to help their children.

“Nobody wanted to advertise because we didn’t want to put in $8-$10 per hour because we’re just going to get brain dead people…I don’t buy the fact that $8.75 per hour is for brain dead people. We can get good people for that kind of money. You overpaid the former assistant.”
Joe Kiss, Jerusalem Township trustee, on whether the township should pay because of budget worries an assistant about $19 an hour, the rate a previous assistant was paid, or try to attract one for $8 to $10 an hour.

“I grew up dirt poor. I lived in like 13 houses up to the time I was 10-years-old. Wendy’s was a night out. We went through a time when we didn’t have any electricity or heat in our house. We would bring in a bright metal bucket we could fill with warm water to take a bath. Every once in a while (today) I take a cold shower to remind myself, ‘Hey, I have it pretty good in Oregon.’
“Going to Pearson Park you’re just a person there communing with nature — no different than anyone else.”
Gary Thompson, executive director of the Oregon Economic Development Foundation, expressing appreciation of Terry Breymaier, Prism Award recipient, for his leadership role in improving Pearson Park.

“I guess I have to reflect back on my 28 years experience as a police officer. For me, it just didn’t pass the olfactory test.”
Mike Collins, Toledo councilman, voting against the proposed convenience store permit in East Toledo because the owner’s son had previously been involved in a number of cases of receiving stolen property.
“Never before has this area suffered so much destruction from the most modest of rainfalls.”
Wording on an invitation to officials from Lucas, Wood and Ottawa Counties to a drainage summit.

"In good times you reward your workers with good contracts. In challenging, difficult times everybody should step up and do what's necessary to keep as many of your fellow employees working as you can...It makes sense for everybody to take a little bit of hurt, rather than some people taking a big hurt and have the whole community concerned about public safety."
Carty Finkbeiner, Toledo mayor, on his proposal to ask Toledo Police to take a 10 percent pay cut and suspend the city’s contribution to the pension plan for one year to avoid laying off 150 police officers. 

“It’s very sad and even kind of spooky here now– like walking into a mortuary. Usually if I come here, I just drive to one of the anchors and leave. It’s just too sad to walk through the mall now.”
Helen Hahn, former manager of a gift shop in the Woodville Mall when it opened in 1969 with 87 stores, commenting on the mall’s 40th anniversary, its deteriorating condition and lack of stores.

“In this difficult economy, it is unreasonable to expect citizens to accept double digit increases in water rates. The complaints are loud and understandable. Even though their state representative and county commissioners don’t vote on water rates, maybe we can find a way to help.”
Randy Gardner, state representative, on the City of Toledo’s increase in water rates to Rossford.

“While the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge was under construction, Mayor Brown told the people in Oregon that as soon as the bridge was finished, great things would happen in Oregon. Well, what did happen is that it is now a lot easier for residents of Oregon to get over to West Toledo to shop.
Clifford Smith, Oregon, in a letter to the editor, suggesting that Woodville Road and Navarre Avenue will never be developed to their expected potential.

“On the night of the attack our family’s faith in humanity was badly shaken. But in the ensuing days, the amount of prayers, generosity, and kindness we have received has been so uplifting to us as a family. This has all hastened the healing process.”
Matt Kohler on the brutal home invasion attack of his parents in Sandusky County.

“What good is a river view park without a beautiful view?”
Press columnist Brian Schwartz on encouraging the City of Toledo to clean up the west bank to provide a more pleasant view for those visiting the Marina District.

“It takes two to tango. If an adult child always turns first to the parent in times of trouble, regularly needs money from the parent or calls the parent every time there’s a crisis in the child’s romantic life, then they can expect the parent to continue acting out the parenting role.
“On the other hand, if the child becomes truly independent and stops acting out these behaviors, then the parent may be more likely to relinquish the parent role. So adult children should be aware of the sorts of behaviors they are engaging in, which may cause their parents to act ‘parentally.”
Jake Harwood, PhD, communication professor at the University of Arizona.

“It started a couple years ago. People just don’t move, they walk out the door and leave the property.”
Lake Township trustee Richard Welling on establishing a process to make sure homeowners maintain their property in these tough economic times while balancing the need to maintain an attractive setting for taxpayers.

“Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean that I can't try to make a difference and try to help those in need.”
Brandon Rodriguez, 12, who organized a car wash to raise funds for the Toledo Area Humane Society.

“They’ve mismanaged our money, with their new sports arena and other things. That’s what this is all about. Nothing’s changed. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them walk in here and say we need to pay them $347,000 or they’re cutting service. Screw them.”
Joe Kiss, Jerusalem Township trustee, on Lucas County Commissioners’ effort to bill the townships for police patrols.

“The water’s edge provides a readily discernible boundary for both the public and littoral landowners.”
Ruling by the 11th Ohio District Court of Appeals stating that property lines along the Lake Erie shoreline change with the water level versus a stationary high-water or low-water mark.

“For too long, you’ve had career politicians who tell you what you want to hear because they are worried about being elected. I can be real with you. I can tell you the truth. I’m not worried about being elected.”
Mike Bell, former Toledo fire chief and Ohio State Fire Marshall, during his run for mayor of Toledo.




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