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Some nights I toss and turn in bed kept awake by the Midnight Ponderings of a subconscious mind. Here are the wayward thoughts that kept me awake one recent dark and dreary night:
Do the `rightcycle’

The City of Toledo came late to recycling and many residents still do not recycle. But, according to The Blade, two councilmen have introduced a plan where residents who recycle will be rewarded with $240 in coupons for groceries and other goods. Those that do will have the garbage pick-up fee raised from $1 to $7 a month. Those that don’t will have their fee raised from $8.50 to $10 a month.

Yes, it can be a hassle to recycle. Smells and bugs and such can be a deterrent. But, landfill space is expensive and at a premium. Besides, Ohio’s recycling industry accounted for 169,000 jobs, $6 billion in annual wages and $30 billion in annual sales, according to a 2001 study conducted for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The study also concluded recycling supports 4.3 percent of the jobs in Ohio and the average job pays $36,600. Ohio recycles more than 13 million tons of aluminum, paper, glass, plastic and steel, which saves 53.5 million barrels of oil and 46.6 million cubic yards of landfill space, while reducing greenhouse gases by 8.7 billion tons. Ohio also imports 16 million tons of recyclables for processing into new products.

Granted this study is nearly 10 years old, but still, if we are serious about energy independence and conserving our natural resources, recycling is the `rightcycle.’ Council should nudge citizens in the right direction.

Nix the red light
We all want to make our roads safer to avoid tragic accidents like the one that occurred earlier this year at Rt. 51 and Millbury Road in which a woman was killed. But, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) as reported in The Press, alcohol played a role in three of the five crashes at this intersection in the last five years. We do like to drink and drive and no red light, no lowering of the speed limit will stop that.

That said, two of the three solutions make sense to me. Nix the red light. Wastes fuel, and, after all, Rt. 51 is a highway. However, lowering the speed limit from 55 to 45 makes some sense and is more acceptable than the proposed 35, which just creates a speed trap and revenue generator.

The Press office is located near this intersection and for 24 years I have regularly patronize the businesses located here. One of the solutions ODOT suggests is to limit access to those businesses on both sides of the road. On one side there is the Mel-o-Crème; on the other, a Subway, community market and barber shop. All are high-traffic businesses and a motorist’s attention is divided among many entry and exit points. I like the idea of limiting access to these businesses and diverting customers to Millbury Road. However, an ODOT spokesperson said the businesses would have to bear this cost. Hard to see that happening given today’s economy.

Terror on The Toussaint
Fishing is an inexpensive way to spend time with young children. It can teach them about nature. It can give them an appreciation of life and how we sometimes take life for the food on our plates. It is also a good way for a father to foster independence by giving young children a little distance to roam. I took my kids to many farm ponds to fish when they were younger. Imagine the tragedy that could have happen had I taken my children to Toussaint Creek and the four-foot alligator that was found by the shore had grabbed one of them.

The idiot who dumped this gator endangered us all.

Double eagle or ace?
After Bill Sine recorded his double eagle at Hidden Hills Golf Club, debate started among golfers and non-golfers about what was better—a hole in one or a double eagle? For you non-golfers a double eagle is a 2 on a par 5.

Most non-golfers think a hole in one is better. You can’t put a lower score on a golf card. However, regular golfers are impressed more by the double eagle. It is three under par, whereas most hole in ones are two-under par. And, for the most part, it is more difficult. You need both an excellent drive and, usually, a great fairway wood to accomplish the task. I’d take the double eagle any time.

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