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The case for renewing ¾%
Written by George Sarantou, Councilman. Chair of HR, IT & Finance   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 10:07

In 1983 Toledo voters passed the first ¾% income tax. Back then the City of Toledo employed 2963 people. The unemployment rate was 10.6%. The population was 354,635 and the city was comprised of 84 square miles. The ¾% brought in $16,500,000 and the total 2 ¼% paid for police, fire, refuse and most other general fund departments. 

Fast forward to 2012, the City of Toledo employs 167 fewer employees than they did in 1983. The unemployment rate is 8.7% for 2012. The population is 287,208 and the city is still comprised of 84 square miles. The ¾% brings in $51,500,000 and does not quite pay for the fire department which has a budget of $60.2 million. The police budget for 2012 is $73.4 million.

Rowing through the myth of class
Written by Rob Schwarzwalder   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 16:25

ByIn 1920, a talented American rower named Jack Kelly applied to race in the British Henley Royal Regatta. The most prestigious rowing event in the world, the Henley seemed a natural fit for Kelly, who had already been the U.S. national rowing champion.

Yet he never got to row: Kelly, a bricklayer, was told that his background in manual work disqualified him. According to the then-rules of the Henley, no one "who is or ever has been ... by trade or employment for wages a mechanic, artisan or labourer" would be allowed to compete.

Time for making the hard choices
Written by Robert Schwarzwalder   
Thursday, 12 January 2012 15:42

Once as he was about to give an interview to some reporters, President Eisenhower was asked by his press secretary, Jim Haggerty, what he would say if a certain topic came up.

"Don't worry, Jim," said Ike. "If that question comes up, I'll just confuse them."

Is it time to occupy the food system?
Written by Jim Goodman   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 15:49

By Farmers have been through this before — our lives and livelihoods falling under corporate control. It has been an ongoing process: consolidation of markets; consolidation of seed companies; an ever-widening gap between our costs of production and the prices we receive. Some of us are catching on, getting the picture of the real enemy.

The "99 percent" are awakening to the realization that their lives have fallen under corporate control as well. Add up the jobs lost, the health benefits whittled away, and the unions busted, and the bill for Wall Street's self-centered greed is taking a toll.

Corporate tax holidays don't create jobs
Written by Jacqueline Thomas   
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 16:30

More than 80 of America's largest 100 publicly traded companies shift profits offshore to avoid paying taxes in the United States. All told, tax havens cost American taxpayers $100 billion a year in lost revenue.

Now corporate America is pushing for a sweetheart deal that would let them bring the money back home at a massively discounted tax rate.

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