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Most circumstances have a bright side.  Those who become adept at finding it lead more satisfying and happy lives.  Yet, there are some who deride looking on the bright side as being unrealistic.

You can’t always control events but you can control your reaction to them.  Once something has happened, it can’t be changed.  It is impossible to alter the past.  The only direction of life is forward.  How you proceed is based on your mindset.

Looking on the bright side means making the best of your circumstances.  What’s the alternative?  Becoming dejected?  Not only are there no benefits to a negative outlook, there are numerous deleterious side effects.  A downbeat attitude impacts you mentally and physically.  There is absolutely nothing to be gained from this approach.

Looking on the bright side has numerous benefits with no harmful side effects.  It empowers you to identify the best course of action in moving forward.  It prevents you from dwelling on the past or becoming passive.

Studies have found that people who focus on the bright side, and live for the present, have better mental and physical health.  Those with a positive mindset also look and feel younger, have more energy and even “age” more slowly than their negative counterparts.  This research provides a scientific basis for the adage, “You’re only as young as you feel.”

Here are a few simple techniques to help you look on the bright side.  When dealing with circumstances that aren’t ideal, look for anything positive, no matter how small.  Remember that you must move forward.

Keep things in perspective.  Don’t allow inconsequential circumstances to drain your energy or sour your attitude.  Don’t waste time worrying.  Let go of stuff that doesn’t really matter.  Focus on today.  Spend your energy on taking action to improve whatever you can.  Waste no time lamenting the past.  Set your sights on a brighter future.

Keep your self-talk positive.  Avoid negatives such as “I can’t.” Your mind not only believes whatever you tell it, it works non-stop to bring your thoughts to reality.  Looking on the bright side is linked to what you tell yourself.  Monitor your self-talk regularly to ensure that it is not becoming negative.

Your self-talk must reinforce your outward proclamations.  You put yourself at a disadvantage by expecting the worst.  You should dwell only on what you want to attract.  Looking on the bright side means believing that all will work out for the best.

Free your imagination.  Let yourself daydream.  Visualize the outcomes you desire.  This is a powerful process that further programs your mind to work towards the goals you desire.  Always fixate on what you want, never on anything you don’t want.

Tune out negative input from others.  Listening to naysayers drags you down.  Everyone has an opinion about your situation and many of those opinions will be negative.  Don’t waste time trying to convince anyone as to why you are justified looking on the bright side.

Take care of your personal needs.  It’s difficult to look on the bright side when you are constantly suffering.  Watching out for your self-interest is not being selfish.  There’s no reason to feel guilty because you are concerned about your well being. 

Count your blessings.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude for any and all things you have to be grateful for.  It is easier for our spirits to be dragged down when we lose sight of the good things in our lives. 

Through practice, you will condition yourself to automatically look at the bright side.  This will give you more happiness, and more energy along with greater inner power and strength. 

NOW AVAILABLE:  "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book.  Visit or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at or write him c/o this paper.  2012 Bryan Golden




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