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Housing in East Toledo

‘Don’t be an ostrich’ — communicate with bank, now

There has been a drop in foreclosures in East Toledo since the housing market bottomed out in 2007, but don’t tell that to the foreclosure specialists at NeighborWorks, a community development corporation

“We're staying really busy with individuals who are falling delinquent because of a number of reasons — either it is a financial hardship, a death, a divorce, or a loss of hours or hourly rate. Sometimes there is an illness or a medical reason,” NeighborWorks financial management trainer Pamela S. Mayer, a foreclosure specialist, said.

Over the past five years, there have been 987 foreclosures in East Toledo, according to the Lucas County Clerk of Courts office.

So, you’ve inherited a home in a historic neighborhood, like East Toledo. The question is, “Do you really want it?”

NeighborWorks economic development specialist has a name for those homes — “Aunt Rosa’s House.”

Those are often the properties that are not kept up, or delinquent in property taxes. Sometimes people inheriting homes live out of state, or they don’t have the resources to take care of the home. Or, they could care less about the property, because even though inherited, it’s not worth an investment.

“The biggest problem with the inherited houses is the appraisal gap,” Krompak said. “You don’t want an inherited house a lot of times because by the time a senior citizen passes away or goes into a nursing home, the house needs a lot of work and unless you have cash in your pocket…you’re compelled to take a loan out, which you’ll never get any return on, and you can’t get a loan because they can’t loan you more than the house is worth.”

Sometimes even when homes are historic they aren’t worth taking care of, unless you can find the right person with the right attitude.

If the walls could talk, oh the stories they might tell. The unassuming brick structure at 1527 Starr Ave. had a storied past as the one-time home of the Circle Bar, as the last trolley stop in the 1930s and 1940s, and later as a carryout store, an insurance office and the original national headquarters of Marco's Pizza.

Time and neglect took its toll on the building, which was erected in 1903, until a pair of Bowling Green State University alumni took a chance and transformed the building into the successful LeSo Art Gallery and Education Space – and their home.

Artists Amber LeFever and Adam Soboleski started dating while taking a course in ceramics.

When Amber took her first teaching job in Toledo, her commute from Bowling Green took her through the East Side. “I’m from Sidney, Ohio and this was my first experience driving in Toledo,” she said. “I started seeing all these old buildings and I was really inspired by the area’s buildings and architecture – there was something so beautiful and tragic at the same time about these abandoned buildings that no one was doing anything productive with.”


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