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A unique town
To the editor: Elmore is a unique little town. Recently, a surprise 94th birthday party was held for my husband Tom. His former line dancers greeted him with open arms.

One of Elmore's best-kept secrets is where the party was held which is where the Red, White and Blue used to be. What a neat place for a party and the service was wonderful.

There are so many talented people in Elmore that I wasn’t even aware of until the party, when so many surprises appeared. Being rather new in Elmore I am truly amazed at the kindness extended to Tom and me from so many people from all walks of life.

From the beautiful floral centerpiece to Tom’s favorite homemade cherry pie and the people there to help him celebrate, May 2 will long be remembered as a very special day in Tom's life.

What Elmore doesn’t have nearby, Woodville does, making the Woodmore School District an awesome one.
Betty Marlow Miller

An ugly cycle
To the editor: The five animals who survived last year’s deadly escape in Zanesville have been returned to where it all began. Why is there still no law banning the sale and keeping of wild and dangerous animals as pets?

The ugly cycle begins when baby monkeys, tigers, lions and bears are forcibly removed from their frantic mothers so that the infants can be acclimated to human contact. Traumatized and terrified, these young animals don't stand a chance of ever living as nature intended. Primates are diapered and often have their canine teeth yanked out. Cubs spend the rest of their lives pacing behind bars.

Since dealers market these animals as little more trouble than stuffed toys, most people are inevitably shocked by the responsibility, expense of specialized food, and space and veterinary requirements of exotics.

Captivity is often ultimately a death sentence for exotics and in too many cases, for the people who “had” to have them. Denied everything that is important to them and forced into close contact with humans, stressed animals frequently lash out. Countless people have suffered devastating injuries, many losing limbs or their lives.

How many more people and animals must suffer before Ohio officials recognize that exotic animals don’t belong in private homes and backyard menageries?
Jennifer O'Connor
PETA Foundation, Norfolk, Va.

You be the judge
To the editor: What one does, not how much education one has, is the final determination of how we are thought of by our peers.

At the corner of Wheeling and Pickle roads was Coy School – a great school for a long, long time. Then, just a few years back, the system decided to give the building a facelift. New windows were installed, the stone exterior was sandblasted, the large entry doors were refinished, a new blacktop drive was added and everything looked great.

Then, all of a sudden, some folks decided the school was no longer a healthy place to inhabit. Too bad they didn’t decide this before the expensive facelift. Bad judgment?

So, they built a new school down Pickle Road.

Then comes some more intelligent decisions – they decide to tear down the structure. But first, they decide to sell this unhealthy building. An auction was held and Sun Oil Co. offered a great sum of money, but they were told by the system that this building was worth a lot more. I am not sure of the offer, but I heard around $400,000. So now, they decide to demolish the school and clean up the property. How much was this costing the system – $200,000 to $400,000?

These people who made these decisions are in control of our extremely hard-earned tax dollars. You do the math.

Responsible or what?
Larry Erard

To the editor: Your news rag has turned into a Republican propaganda newsletter. Give PJ Kapfhammer his own column. He is out to destroy the Oregon school system. I look forward to Kapfhammer running for mayor in a few years with all  the newsprint you’re wasting on this individual.

As far as John Szozda’s column on healthcare, it is riddled with lies and inaccuracies coming from who else:  A Republican legislator talking to the chamber of commerce.

To start with, a young person only pays $70 a month for health insurance. If this is true, they must have one of those $10,000 deductible policies the insurance companies are famous for. The reason young people aren’t buying their own insurance policies are the same reasons others aren’t. They can’t afford the higher cost to pay for insurance CEOs getting millions.
Al Kapustar


Fracking concerns
To the editor: We better get vocal on state elected officials before our parks and homes become contaminated and energy giants like Chesapeake and Exxon Mobil become richer over the health and safety of Ohioans.

House Republican leaders dropped the Mid-Biennium Review Proposal by Gov. John Kasich to impose a tax on drillers.

Gov. Kasich said the money-maker potential of the state’s natural resources is too good not to exploit. Good for whom? If it is so good, I suggest the governor try it out on his property.

Several states, including Pennsylvania agree that fracking comes with trouble. Drilling rigs pump millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals – some hazardous – into wells to crack open shale formations and release oil and gas. A lot of people in northeastern Pennsylvania have been able to light their faucets for a long time. In August 2010, a family had to evacuate their home in the middle of the night after the methane in their home hit explosive levels. Their home, once worth $250,000, has been appraised at just $25,000 with its water problems. When a drilling company tells light their faucets for a long time.

In August 2010, a family had to evacuate their home in the middle of the night after the methane in their home hit explosive levels. Their home, once worth $250,000, has been appraised at just $25,000 with its water problems. When a drilling company tells you that they will make you millionaires, it’s just like me telling you I will pay you on Monday and the check is in the mail.

Just remember what you will transform if you agree to fracking on your property. Gas tankers clog the two-lane roads and drilling rigs dot the horizon. These companies will paint a picture for you and once you sign that lease for them to drill, you put you and your family at risk.
Joann Schiavone





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