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Is it fair?
To the editor: As a concerned citizen of Ottawa County, it bothers me what is happening at our county fair. Kids are being charged an entry fee and a bedding fee to exhibit their animals at the fair. Who would come to Ottawa County Expo if the 4-H kids did not exhibit animals at the fair? How many people would camp at the rate of $225 a week if it weren’t for the Junior 4-H program?

The entry fee was not imposed until after the young 4-H exhibitors signed up and committed to their projects. You do not change the rules in the middle of the game. Few, if any of the Senior Fair Board members or commissioners are reflecting on what the 4-H pledge and program is all about.

The 4-H pledge is: I pledge my head to clearer thinking (are they thinking?), my heart to greater loyalty (are they being loyal to our young people?), my hands to larger service (do they give a helping hand to our young 4-Hers?), my health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.

Lastly, it is interesting that the Senior Fairboard members do not pay anything for their camping spots. How about 4-H and FFA advisors? They too are volunteers who play a vital role in making the Ottawa County Fair a success. If money is such an issue, why don’t the Senior Fair Board members pay for their camping fees so that we can reduce the financial burden of entry and bedding fees on the 4-H families that make our fair possible?

Wake up, fair board members and commissioners.

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to invite local persons and businesses to support our children at the Ottawa County Junior Fair Livestock Sale July 24 at 10 a.m.
John Saxton
Oak Harbor

To the editor: In response to the letter from Mr. Weimer of Phantom Fireworks, I would like to say that although injuries from fireworks used by individuals are uncommon, there are other concerns.

I have no problem with cities or businesses having professional fireworks events open to the public. At least one has the option of attending to enjoy them. However, I do take issue with the professional-grade fireworks being made available for personal use. With those, I have no option. They are loud, put my home at risk from hot sparks, scare my dogs, keep me awake, smell horrible – should I go on?

The people who use them have no consideration for their neighbors and use them for hours and hours several days before and after the holiday. They leave their messes all over. They tell you they “have the right.” What about my rights? And I know many of my neighbors feel the same because when I call to complain to the police – as it is against the law – they tell me they already have so many complaints they can’t handle them all.

So obviously not everyone appreciates them anymore. They’re abused now and it will only get worse. It will then increase the risk of injury as well.
Susan Swain

Not the right course
To the editor: The Lake Township Trustees requested a traffic light at the corner of Millbury and Woodville roads. The state ruled that it did not meet the criteria for a light but that the intersection should be better marked and defined. Now instead of accepting the ruling, the trustees are fighting in a dangerous way.

Every accident involving serious injury or loss of life is tragic. However, it is time for the trustees to move on and not overreact. The idea of lowering the speed limit on Woodville Road to 35 mph is nothing short of an attempt to nag the state into submission while creating a giant revenue grab for the police. The state is now diverting resources to study Woodville Road to reach what should be an obvious conclusion that 55mph is appropriate.

Let’s give the accidents some perspective that the trustees are not. As I understand it, there have been five accidents at or near the corner in five years and three of them involved drivers under the influence of a substance such as alcohol. This leaves two true accidents involving competent drivers over the course of five years. Is it not surprising that the state believes a light is not necessary?

I realize the trustees want badly to do something because of a tragic situation but this is not the right course of action. If the speed limit were lowered whenever a tragic accident occurred, the speed limit everywhere would be 10 mph. While I am optimistic that the state will rule that 55 mph is proper, if they side with the trustees you can bet that I will side with the trustees’ opponents in the next election.
Louis Renford



Gas Prices

Gas prices are expected to soar this summer. Are you prepared to pay more?
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