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Judgment coming?

To the editor: As children of the 1950s, we grew up in a country that stood firmly upon the moral principles and values that were guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

        The authors came to America to escape tyranny and religious persecution counting on divine providence to guide them as they wrote the Preamble to the Constitution guaranteeing all citizens Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        Our post-war generation was told that America would always defend freedom and as we watched Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show, we saw what the American family was supposed to look like. They loved life together, prayed together and stayed together.

        The age of protest began in the 60s, successfully delivering a major blow to life and the family unit by 1972 when Roe vs. Wade was decided.

        Since then we have seen the forces of God and evil waging war as our country is slowing slipping into its inevitable day of judgment. How much more will the creator of our universe take after seeing the legislators of the State of New York howl with laughter and cheering and clapping their hands during a standing ovation celebrating the passage of a law authorizing the murder of a child up to the delivery date?

Pastor George Goodrich

Bono Baptist Church

Bullying has consequences

To the editor: When Parkland School experienced the terrible shooting spree that left many people dead or traumatized, there was a national outcry about guns. And though it’s true that guns did much damage that day, guns weren’t the beginning of the problem. In all likelihood, it was bullying.

        When looking back at the life of a perpetrator, we almost always find a person who has suffered significant bullying and ostracism for a long time. Does it ever occur to these bullies they may be instrumental in destroying a person or even grooming their own killers? It’s so easy to follow the crowd, call names, make fun of others, and shut them out – friendless and alone.

        Some victims choose to commit suicide, effectively removing themselves from the path of their attackers, but breaking the hearts of those who love them. Others may be able to remove themselves from the path of their tormenters or find someone who will help them work their way through it. In any case, both the aggressors and the victims are changed forever.

        Will this lead to schoolmates being charged with complicity in the death of a student who chooses death over being bullied? Will we have children incarcerated for being accessories to murder when their victim finally breaks? We must devise a severe consequence for bullying.

        Eliminating guns will not solve the problem. If someone really wants to hurt others, there are many things that can easily be used for weapons. It’s impossible to remove every single object that could be used as a weapon. We need to work harder on re-educating or removing bullies.

        Bullying begets tragedy.

Mary Jo Bosch




The Ohio legislature has passed a bill that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. In practice, that would make abortion illegal after six weeks.
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