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      The exits on the Nostalgia Highway are in 10-year increments. Enjoy this trip through the pages of The Press.  


        News: Kristin Stanford, OSU Stone Lab faculty member, appeared on the 150th episode celebration for Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” The show revisited Mike Rowe’s trip to West Sister Island with Kim Kaufman and Julie Shieldcastle of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. The group banded “screaming, squawking, jabbing, puking, pooing, nestling herons” in an episode entitled “Vomit Island.”

        We have so many laws telling us how not to live, we couldn’t read them all in a lifetime. There are federal laws, state laws, municipal laws and religious laws.

        One estimate claims there are more than 25,000 pages of laws on the federal books alone. There are laws that cover almost every aspect of human behavior. This shouldn’t be surprising. Humans have been making laws for at least 3,700 years since Hammurabi, a Babylonian ruler, issued his code of 282 laws (circa 1754 BC) to prevent the strong from harming the weak.

        Still, we behave badly.

                My best friend during childhood died earlier this year. We were like brothers through grade school, then we drifted apart. Can’t remember exactly why. No falling out. We were just on different roads. Then I went away to college and later travelled and the distance between us and the demands and passions of life pushed the memory of him into some storage locker in the back roads of my mind.

                I stumbled into that storage locker when I ran across his name while searching for something else on The Web. When I opened the door, the memories flooded back. It was a much simpler time, a time when imagination trumped electronics and boys and girls, not adults, organized games.


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