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When I was a lad, we were a Pontiac family. That was the way families used to think about themselves back then: Pontiac families, Ford families, Buick families, Dodge families.

There were even Hudson and Studebaker families and we felt sorry for them when those brands went under.

Car manufacturers began to take advantage of that brand loyalty by making increasingly junky cars on the cheap. Why give quality when the suckers are going to buy whatever you slap your name on?

The holiday season will be soon upon us, which is synonymous with celebrations that joyfully include food, families, and friends. The holidays are also known to bring a sense of community that people express by spend time helping others. Many become aware of how fortunate they really are and wish to give thanks for all the things they have by giving of themselves in return. These feelings of goodwill make the holidays one of the most popular times of year to volunteer. Often during such times, nonprofits receive so many calls from potential volunteers that they cannot accommodate the volume. 

Over the last two decades, personal debt in America has skyrocketed. Many of us have been living beyond our means and taken on more debt than we can safely manage.

Our government has also been living beyond its means. The national debt limit was recently raised to $11.3 trillion—the sixth increase in the last eight years. It seems Congress is more inclined to raise the national debt--that is, put spending on the national credit card--than to cut wasteful or unnecessary spending. Spending has gotten so bad that the U.S. national debt clock had to be replaced because it ran out of digits.



What did you think about President Trump's State of the Union address?
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