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Dare to Live without Limits

The road to success often starts with failures

        Fear of failure is one of the biggest fears people have. Ironically, failure is an integral component of the success process. There are two distinctly different types of failure. Absolute failure is when you give up. Successful failure is when you get back up.

        Of course, not everything you attempt works out as planned. When working towards a goal, you will likely discover many ways which don’t work as anticipated. Successful people throughout history have experienced this phenomenon.

Your real strength comes from within

        A person can have immense physical strength but lack the inner strength required to overcome adversity. Conversely, someone with limited physical strength can have immense inner strength which enables them to conquer seemingly impossible obstacles. Inner strength is not connected to physical strength. But inner strength augments all of your other capabilities.

        There are very strong people who can’t make it through intense physical challenges because they lack inner strength. If they give up mentally, they won’t make it physically either. When a person thinks they can’t, they won’t. So, believing in yourself is a foundation of your inner strength.

You have to want it before you will get it

        Your journey for goal attainment starts with a wish. You must wish for something before embarking on the quest to obtain it. You won’t have much enthusiasm working for an objective with little, or no appeal. There’s no point in pursuing things which don’t matter to you.

        Lots of people have idle wishes that remain wishes. This happens when there is no strong emotional attachment to turning a wish into reality. Your desire has to be strong enough that you are willing to put in the effort required to get it.


Universal Income

What do you think of presidential candidate Andrew Yang's proposal for a universal basic income of $1,000 per month for every adult?
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