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Dare to Live without Limits

" He who never made a mistake never made a discovery" - Samuel Smiles

Although no one wants to, we all make mistakes.  It's virtually unavoidable.  Mistakes have a stigma associated with them.  To many people, mistakes are synonymous with failure, and no one wants to be labeled a failure.

When faced with two or more options, mistake avoidance plays a significant role in the decision making process.  So rather than analyzing which choice offers the greatest rewards, you limit yourself by gravitating towards the alternative with the least risk.

As a reader of this column, you are striving to improve your life.  You want to attain your goals and bring your dreams into reality.  You want to break through your self-imposed limitations.  So you follow all of the advice in this column.

But you think nothing is working.  You are doing all the right things.  Your attitude is positive.  You are motivated.  You have specific goals and a plan to reach them.  You are taking action.  Yet, still you feel as if you are not making the progress you had hoped for.

Happiness isn't a reaction, it is a cause.  People who wait for specific circumstances to materialize before they are happy are putting the cart before the horse.  People who are happy attract positive situations.  Those who walk around with a scowl are a magnet for the very things they are unhappy about.

You don't need a reason to be happy.  Being happy is a lot more enjoyable than being miserable.  Since feeling crummy isn't pleasant, and it doesn't make your situation better, why not be happy instead?

Well, it's a great concept, but it is not a natural reaction.  We become conditioned from birth to consider our emotions to be a reaction to the events we experience.  A child cries when he is distressed, complains when things don't go his way, whines when he wants something, and smiles and laughs when things are good.


border wall

Do you think a wall along our Mexican border is needed?
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