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Dare to Live without Limits

Being independent means following your own path

        What influences your thoughts and behavior? Is being accepted by others an overwhelming priority? Do the opinions of others have a big impact on you? Does “conventional wisdom” influence you? Are you swayed by criticism? Do you make decisions based on what other people are doing?

        Or, are your thoughts your own? Do you constantly ask questions? Are you always looking to improve? Do you strive to find a better way of doing things? Are your goals based on your desires?

It doesn’t have to be the same old thing

        “Same old, same old,” is a common response when inquiring how someone is doing. You don’t have to live the same day over and over. You can venture out in order to explore new horizons. Breaking up your routine is easier than you realize. The problem is that your current routine has become engrained and comfortable.

        Waiting for something to change typically leads to never ending frustration. When this happens, people resign themselves to their lot in life, accepting that nothing will ever change. These people go through their recurring daily routines in a joyless stupor.

        But you don’t have to live this way. You can proactively pursue changes which add to your happiness by making your life more interesting. Doing so involves getting over any fear of change you may have, along with a willingness to leave the comfort zone of regular routines.

        For too many people, their job is a source of endless monotony. Since a secure job is an important component of financial security, there’s an ingrained reluctance to risk any changes. Sometimes people will put up with a job they don’t like for the sake of their retirement. They will endure decades of dissatisfaction with the hope of being able to be happier when retired.  

        Be the best at whatever you do. Maintain a standard of excellence.   Don’t accept mediocrity as being good enough. There are more opportunities within your current employment than you realize. A great way to get a promotion is to perform at that level.

        There are actions you can take to make any job less mundane. Take initiative, don’t act as if you are trapped. Learn new skills and/or get more education which will open up new possibilities for you. Learning new things provides numerous benefits.

        Acquiring additional knowledge and skills keeps your mind sharp, expands your career options, and broadens your perspectives. It’s an investment in yourself. Pursing additional education displaces boredom. There are abundant opportunities for learning; from formal schooling, to free internet based tutorials.

        Fears hold you back. They keep you in routines. Do what you are afraid to do. Try new things. The objective is breaking out of your comfort zone. Expanding your horizons uncovers new opportunities. This approach pushes you out of the same old routines.

        Connect with different people. You will be exposed to other perspectives, outlooks, and personalities. Your own thinking will broaden. New ideas will appear to you. You will be motivated to explore different paths.

        Review your goals. If they don’t excite you, find goals which do. If you have no goals, figure out what you want to accomplish. This single step can reenergize the direction of your life. Working toward meaningful objectives ends daily monotony.

        Stop procrastinating. Start working towards those objectives you have been putting off. Making progress toward your desired destination adds meaning to each day, which provides you with more satisfaction.

        Change up your routines. Even simple variations get you out of a rut. Anything you do differently is effective. Try new foods, see different types of movies, read about new topics, take different routes to and from work, and visit places you’ve never been to.

        Make your own decisions. Don’t follow the crowd. Question conventional wisdom. Follow your own path. It doesn’t matter what other people say, think, or do. Live your life in a manner which brings you happiness.

        Simple changes will give each day new excitement. You have to be proactive. Don’t passively wait for circumstances to become more interesting. Instead, take action which leads to more excitement in your life.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at or write him c/o this paper. Ó 2017 Bryan Golden


Your destination is there even if you don’t see it

        When you take a trip, you can’t see your destination until you arrive. If you are driving, it could take several days before you arrive. But when you depart, you know exactly where you are going and have a route planned out. You have looked at web sites and brochures so you know what to expect.

        Similarly, in life, you may not be able to see your destination until you arrive. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Yet, too many people refuse to strive for an objective because they can’t see it, so they don’t believe its attainment is possible.


border wall

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