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Dare to Live without Limits

Being upbeat when you’re feeling down and out

        It’s easy to be happy when everything is going well. But your attitude sufferers when you are feeling down and out. “I’ll be happy when things improve,” is an all too typical response to adversity.

        An upbeat attitude is essential for getting through a rough patch. It is this positive outlook which propels you past obstacles. Your mental state determines results, not vice versa. The challenge is being upbeat when you are feeling down and out.

        It starts with a smile. You don’t only smile when you feel happy, you feel happy because you smile. Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, causes a positive mental and physical response. Smiling does help you feel better.

What makes you happy might surprise you

        Do you know exactly what makes you happy? Could you make a detailed list of your top 5 happiness components? Can you identify those activities which give you the most joy? In order to be happy, you have to engage in thoughts and behavior that makes you happy.

        Although each person has their own individualized list of happiness components, there are a number of happiness strategies which are shared by consistently happy people. I’ll review some of them here.

        First and foremost is a happiness mindset which results from a commitment to be happy. In this mode, you appreciate all of the good you do have, strive to make the best of any situation, and seek solutions to problems.

        Your focus is constantly on those positive elements you want to attract. This is especially important when you are going through tough times. Avoid becoming consumed with what is wrong by concentrating on the way you want things to be.

        Because of your happiness mindset, you don’t allow circumstances or other people to detract from your happiness. You take control of your thoughts and emotions. A happiness mindset becomes your default outlook.

        Worry detracts from happiness. Worry is an obsession with all that could go wrong. Worriers are consumed with worst case scenarios. Worry has the potential to attract the very circumstances you are worrying about.

        Happy people spend little, if any time worrying. If they do find themselves worrying, they stop. They take action to change what they can, while letting go of whatever is outside of their control. They allow negative influences to roll off their back.

        Learning from the past, while living for today, is essential for being happy. Your past demonstrates what worked, and what didn’t. Eliminate unsuccessful behavior in order to put your efforts into strategies which worked.

        Today is when you take the action necessary to get you closer to your goals. Don’t worry about the future, prepare for it. Now is when you make things happen. Living in the moment is how you squeeze the most happiness out of each day.

        Engage in positive self-talk. Fill your mind with thoughts of what you want. Every day, tell yourself what you can and will do. Negative concepts must be purged from your self-talk because they become self-imposed limitations.

        Happy people laugh because laughing triggers happiness. Laugh a lot. Look for the humor which exists in most situations. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Humor is an excellent way to lower stress.

        Take care of your mind. Happy people think happy thoughts. They focus on the positive. Happy people seek to make the best of every situation. They constantly look for solutions to any problems they encounter.

        Take care of your body. Happy people maintain their physical wellbeing. Their diet allows them to maintain their body in a way which makes them happy. Happy people understand that getting regular exercise is also vital to their overall health.

        Happy people help others. Assisting another person not only benefits them, it provides you with satisfaction and happiness. Furthermore, when you help find solutions for someone else, you learn a lot about finding solutions for your own life.

Avoid monotony and shake things up in you life

        Monotony, maintaining the status quo, and routines, all lead to boredom and chronic dissatisfaction. Shaking things up in your life is a great way to extricate yourself from engrained, repetitive patterns.

        Mundane routines are the result of following a path of least resistance. These routes offer low rewards in exchange for requiring little effort. A path of least resistance quickly becomes a rut, which bogs you down. Shaking things up gets you out of this rut and onto a different path.


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