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Adjust your focus by setting personal goals

        A flashlight disperses light over a broad area. A laser beam concentrates all of its light onto a single point. A laser beam is so focused that it can cut through virtually anything.

        Focus is how you get things accomplished. But if your focus is not properly aligned, you are off target. Adjust your focus to ensure that you are pointing towards exactly what you want to achieve. Your progress slows down or stops if you lose your focus.

        In your life, dispersed effort is like a flashlight beam, it doesn’t accomplish much. Your energy flows in many directions. In this mode you bounce around from one task to another. You are distracted easily and change directions readily.

        Several factors contribute to a lack of focus. First on this list is not knowing what you want. Without a specific objective, you have no idea where to concentrate your energy. Instead, you procrastinate, or switch tasks frequently.

        You gain focus by identifying your top meaningful goals. These goals provide a direction you can focus on. When you encounter obstacles, or veer off course, your goals provide a guide to getting back on track.

        Goals are what you focus on. Without specific, well defined goals, you have nothing to directly focus on. You are then left drifting in random directions. It’s just as if you started driving your car with no destination in mind. You would be driving aimlessly.

        The next factor is poor time management. Even if you know what you want, reaching your goals requires knowing how to use your time efficiently. Otherwise, your time is wasted or used ineffectively. Poor time management dilutes your focus.

        How much time you spend on a particular task isn’t what’s important. How much you accomplish is what really matters. When deciding on how to allocate your time, make sure your focus is on tasks which yield measurable, positive, results. Time goes by too fast to waste it on insignificant matters.

        Routines help you maintain focus over the long term. Top athletes utilize training routines. Each day, they have a specific training schedule and objectives. For each day of the week, they know exactly what they will be doing. They don’t “wing it” as they go. Regular routines also enhance effective time management.

        Encountering obstacles is a normal occurrence on the path to success. Rather than allow obstacles to interfere with your focus, use focus to overcome obstacles. When facing any obstacle, you need to focus on how to overcome it. This process may involve finding a solution or taking a detour.

        Detours are essential whenever your intended route is not yielding the expected results. Focusing on your ultimate objective prevents you from getting lost when taking a detour. Knowing when to take a detour requires focus. Through focus, you maintain a constant awareness of what is working as planned, and what isn’t.

        Getting rid of distractions helps you focus. Distractions dilute your efforts by drawing your attentions to low priority, or meaningless tasks. Since each day only has 24 hours, you must use discretion as to how your time is spent.

        Focus is virtually impossible when you are multitasking. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, when you attempt to handle many important tasks simultaneously, your focus is dispersed. When multitasking, none of your tasks get enough attention to make a significant difference.

        Pay attention to what is happening in your life each day. Assess if you are on your desired track. Adjusting your focus enhances your progress by keeping you on target to reach your goals.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at or write him c/o this paper. Ó 2018 Bryan Golden



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