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Dare to Live without Limits

Setbacks are stepping stones to growth

        Seeds must be planted in soil before they will germinate.  When paced in dirt, the seeds are in a dark place.  Conversely, when left in the light, seeds remain dormant.  It's somewhat ironic that a seed's life must begin in a dark place.

        Although a seed's growth begins in the dark, the growing plant breaks out of the soil, reaching for the light.  Even though a plant originates in a dark place, it doesn't want to stay there.  It's not where you begin that matters, it's where you are headed which determines your future.

Off course is just a detour

      Imagine you are on vacation, driving your car toward your destination.  Up ahead there is a sign indicating a detour due to road repairs.  What do you do?  Do you turn around and head back home because your route has changed?  Do you park your car, get out, sit down and complain that you are a failure?  Do you panic in fear that something you never planned on has happened?

      Of course you wouldn't take any of the above actions.  You would follow the detour without giving it a second thought.  The only possible impact would be arriving later than you had expected.  When traveling, detours are no more than minor annoyances.  In fact, a detour ensures that you reach your destination.

When "Yes, but" works in your favor

        Typically, when someone uses "yes, but" you know an excuse will follow.  Here are some examples: Yes, it didn't work, but at least I tried.  Yes, I didn't get that promotion, but my boss hates me.  Yes, I know I'm late for work, but I've got a lot of personal issues to deal with.  Yes, I'm always in debt, but there's nothing I can do about it.

        People use "Yes, but," to justify a lack of success in order to absolve themselves from taking responsibility for their circumstances.  If you do this, you are actively inhibiting your success.  Making excuses accepts failure as a viable result.


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