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Dare to Live without Limits

Indecision can result in lost opportunities

 Making decisions can be challenging.  Fear of making the wrong decision is a driving force.  There are so many competing factors contributing to indecision; what you want, what you don’t want, the opinions of others, reasons to make a particular decision vs. reasons not to, as well as the ever present element of procrastination.  Indecision leads to waiting.  While you are waiting, various opportunities may vanish.

  Indecision can cause problems to worsen or multiply.  Indecision permits time or other people to make decisions for you.  Age magnifies the potential impact of making the wrong decision.  As we get older, we feel there is not enough time to do things over if we make the wrong choice.  This puts more pressure on us to get things right the first time.  It’s impossible to guarantee that whatever decision you make will be the right one for you.  Life requires constant adjustments or course corrections.  All you can do is make the best decision possible based on what you know at the time, combined with your current circumstances.   Decisions shouldn’t be impulsive.  Thinking things through always enhances decision making.  You learn from experience what works and what doesn’t.

Your inner strength is without limits

 There is a limit to your physical strength.  However, there is no limit to your inner strength.  This inner strength is based on your attitude, drive, and determination.  Yet, having self-doubts about the existence or fortitude of your inner strength is common.  So here are some tips to build your inner strength.

 Success builds confidence in your inner strength.  Every time you solve a problem, or overcome an obstacle, your inner strength grows.  It's just like working out with weights at a gym; through regular workouts you are able to lift progressively heavier weights.  Don't become upset when faced with adverse situations.  Instead, view each challenge as an opportunity to become stronger.  The more you exercise, the stronger you become.

Weathering the storms of life takes planning

 Regardless of where you live, dealing with bad weather is a part of life.  Additionally, you will face storms generated by yourself, other people, events, and circumstances.  There are many lessons you can learn from dealing with inclement weather which can be applied to the storms in your life.

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