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Dare to Live without Limits

Have faith in yourself, it’s essential for success

        Each person has their own belief system.  Your faith is a very personal issue.  An important question to ask is, do you have faith in yourself?  Having faith in yourself is essential for self-confidence, achievement, problem solving, happiness, and success.

        Self-doubt is the opposite of faith in yourself.  Self-doubt leads to fear, stress, apprehension, and frustration.  In this mode you are deterred by criticism and ridicule.  You are ready to abandon your plans at the first obstacle, or in the face of rejection.

You’re responsible for maintaining your personal freedom

        There are many definitions of freedom.  You probably have your own perception of freedom.  Although freedom can be taken away by other people, voluntarily giving up one's freedom is surprisingly common.  This happens without a full awareness of the process, or its major consequences.  Your thoughts limit more of your freedom than any other factor.

        You are free when you are living your life based on your desires.  Your freedom is diminished when you allow your thoughts, or other people’s opinions to stop you.  You are responsible for maintaining your freedom.  Your freedom is not someone else’s responsibility.

Are you walking around in a fog?

        Are you aware of the direction of your life?  Are you aware of what's happening around you?  Are you aware of what path you are on?  Are you aware of the impact you have on others?

Are you aware of the effect of your actions?

        Without awareness, you are walking around in a fog.  You have no clue as to what's happening, or why.  Imaging driving your car with the windshield painted over.  Since you would have no idea where you are going, crashing would be a certainty. 


Republican tax cut

Will the proposed Republican tax cut improve your life?
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