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Dare to Live without Limits

Plan your personal construction timetable

        Construction projects appear chaotic while they are being built. A new home, which is under construction, is messy and seemingly in disarray until it is finally completed. While it’s under construction it has little or no appeal. Before it’s finished, it’s hard to imagine it being a place you would ever want to live. The unlivable condition persists until the day the entire project has been cleaned up and is in move in condition.

        Despite all of the chaos, the construction process follows specific, detailed plans which guide each step of the process. Each step has been designed ahead of time. The final appearance of the completed project is known well before any construction begins.

The road to success often starts with failures

        Fear of failure is one of the biggest fears people have. Ironically, failure is an integral component of the success process. There are two distinctly different types of failure. Absolute failure is when you give up. Successful failure is when you get back up.

        Of course, not everything you attempt works out as planned. When working towards a goal, you will likely discover many ways which don’t work as anticipated. Successful people throughout history have experienced this phenomenon.

Your real strength comes from within

        A person can have immense physical strength but lack the inner strength required to overcome adversity. Conversely, someone with limited physical strength can have immense inner strength which enables them to conquer seemingly impossible obstacles. Inner strength is not connected to physical strength. But inner strength augments all of your other capabilities.

        There are very strong people who can’t make it through intense physical challenges because they lack inner strength. If they give up mentally, they won’t make it physically either. When a person thinks they can’t, they won’t. So, believing in yourself is a foundation of your inner strength.



What did you think about President Trump's State of the Union address?
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