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Dare to Live without Limits

Your home and car are big financial investments.  They are insured and maintained.  But do you place the same importance on yourself?  Regardless of how much you own, all of your possessions combined, do not come close to your own worth.  When things are going well, it's easy to take your good fortune for granted. 

The true value of your health and happiness is not fully appreciated until they are at risk or diminished.  They are assumed to always be ever present.  As such, too little effort is put into their upkeep.  Your true worth is not measured financially.  Your worth is your health, happiness, abilities, and potential.  Investing in yourself means taking good care of yourself so that you are leading a rewarding, satisfying life.

 During the gold rush of the 1800's, one of the mine owners had been digging for months with nothing to show for it.  Since he had invested a great deal of time and money, he was extremely disheartened. 

Although the other mines in the area had found gold, his mine was worthless.  Convinced his mine was in a bad location, he decided he had to prospect elsewhere.  He sold his claim and equipment for next to nothing, and moved on in his quest for riches.

 There is no accomplishment without action.  Those who wait for something to happen are always waiting.  Hoping for your desired outcome may be uplifting, but without action, it's ineffectual.  Action is an essential component of success.

 Surprisingly, there are many people who don't fully understand the importance of taking action.  These individuals expect their goals to materialize without their having to do anything.  They think that if their desire is strong enough, they will get what they want.  Then, when they don't, excuses are made and other people, or circumstances are faulted.  What would happen if a sailor were to cast off from a dock but never take any action to raise the sails?  The boat would make little, or no progress.  The boat would drift at the mercy of the wind and tide. 


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