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Don’t waste your time by magnifying your problems

 A small object viewed through a magnifying lens appears larger than it really is.  The more powerful the lens, the bigger an object looks.  The actual size of the object has not changed, just your perception.

 Your mind is capable of the same result; making small problems appear larger than they are.  When this happens, you deal with the perceived size of a problem, rather than the actual size.  When you face something which isn't real, making appropriate decisions is impossible.  Certain emotions magnify your problems.  Stress and anxiety cause you to perceive situations as more dire than they really are.  Your nerves are frayed.  Your tolerance level is suppressed.  Your coping skills are impaired.  Your ability to make good decisions is diminished.  It's very difficult to make sound decisions when under stress. 

Your home and car are big financial investments.  They are insured and maintained.  But do you place the same importance on yourself?  Regardless of how much you own, all of your possessions combined, do not come close to your own worth.  When things are going well, it's easy to take your good fortune for granted. 

The true value of your health and happiness is not fully appreciated until they are at risk or diminished.  They are assumed to always be ever present.  As such, too little effort is put into their upkeep.  Your true worth is not measured financially.  Your worth is your health, happiness, abilities, and potential.  Investing in yourself means taking good care of yourself so that you are leading a rewarding, satisfying life.

 During the gold rush of the 1800's, one of the mine owners had been digging for months with nothing to show for it.  Since he had invested a great deal of time and money, he was extremely disheartened. 

Although the other mines in the area had found gold, his mine was worthless.  Convinced his mine was in a bad location, he decided he had to prospect elsewhere.  He sold his claim and equipment for next to nothing, and moved on in his quest for riches.


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