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Dare to Live without Limits

Don’t let your behavior close doors that are open to you

        Hoping a door to opportunity will open for you is a common desire. We all want good fortune to look down on us. Yet, too many people close the very doors which have been opened. This is accomplished through careless, thoughtless, or stupid behavior.

        As one example, you have just gotten an interview appointment for that dream job you have been hoping for. There are several ways you can close this door. If you are late, dressed inappropriately, unprepared, or poorly spoken, you will not be considered for the position you are seeking.

        If you do get hired, your job performance must be such that you meet, or exceed the expectations of your employer. Slacking off, doing shoddy work, consistently showing up late, gossiping, or acting unethically are just some of the many ways to lose your job.

One apple contains the seeds for an entire orchard

        It’s easy to believe that, as just one individual, you don’t have much influence over anything. But in reality, it is only individuals who make the difference. The course of history has been influenced by many individuals. If a group of people had an impact, it’s only because they were led by an individual.

        Just like an apple, you also have seeds. Your seeds are those of impact and influence. They are planted by your behavior. What you do, how your treat others, along with the examples you set, are all factors which create your orchard.




If you could be a certain age forever, what would it be?
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