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How far would you go to help a friend? If you are Kaitlyn Gabel, of Curtice, you would travel 600 miles by bicycle in 2.5 weeks to help your neighbor and friend.

Kaitlyn is rolling out July 12 with six other teens on the JettRide 2017. The JettRide is an annual bike tour for teens and young adults to raise funds and awareness about Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The JettRide is organized by the Jett Foundation, a Massachusetts-based organization named after founder Christine McSherry’s son Jett, who has Duchenne. The disease occurs randomly in 1 out of 3,500 births, and is considered the worst form of MD. It affects boys more often and often results in early death.

First Communion. For those brought up in the Roman Catholic Church, this rite of passage celebrates the first time a young Catholic receives the Eucharist, and usually happens around the age of 7. Special dresses and clothing are worn and the family may also throw a party.

For Olivia Kesling, of Oregon, the day was made even more special because she helped to make her First Communion dress out of her mother’s wedding dress.

“I have always had this vision to use my dress for her First Communion dress,” Leigh Ann Kesling, Olivia’s mom, said. “People do not pass on their wedding dress in their families like they used to. Cheri “Tass” Summers was working on a dress for me and I decided to ask her if she could make the dress for Olivia. Cheri said she would, but only if Olivia helped.”

For 25 years, Dr. Michael Stone has owned Oak Haven Belgians. 

Doing that, in addition to running the Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital, has allowed him the ability to work directly with Belgian horses.
The horses will be on display this week at the Ottawa County Fair. The horses will perform individually and as part of a team in a judging contest.

“The judge is looking for a balanced horse; one that is structurally sound – the best of the breeding. The classes – conformation, halter, performance – judge the quality of horses. (The judges) make sure everything is tidy, check the overall appearance (of the horses) and how well these horses work together as a team,” Stone said. “It’s a long day of judging.”

July is here and the garden season is booming! 

However, with all the buds, blooms and produce, the garden problems are also beginning to show. Insect pests, diseases and animal attacks are invading gardens everywhere and beautiful flowers and great vegetables that were so perfect one day can be quickly devastated the next.

Solutions for many common garden problems may be in your bathroom cupboard. The fertilizer that will make your blooms the biggest and healthiest ever might be in your kitchen cupboard. And, the answer to getting rid of those pesky animal problems could be as close as your bathroom closet.

Great Serpent Mound is one of Ohio’s most amazing mysteries

Deep in southern Ohio, way down toward the Ohio River on a plateau above Ohio Brush Creek is the Great Serpent Mound, arguably Ohio’s most amazing mystery.

Serpent Mound is the largest and finest animal effigy in the United States, and perhaps the most famous in the world, attracting visitors from near and far to its remote location.

One of many amazing ancient treasures in Ohio, it may soon be recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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