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“Marketing Goddess” offers advice for slowdown in economy
Written by John Szozda   
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 15:17

The stock market plunges, soars and plunges again. Retail sales are down, unemployment is up. The Fed makes an unprecedented cut in interest rates.

Time to consult a higher power.

Rebecca Booth, aka “The Marketing Goddess,” has spent her adult life in marketing and what she has to say can help you in your small business. So, if you’ve been downsized and turned your hobby into a business, or quit work to raise children but have a business on the side, or worked for a Fortune 500 firm but now have a mom and pop store, or are consulting in your career field after retirement, take heed. Booth says, now is not the time to pull back on advertising.

True crime proves to be humorous beat
Written by John Szozda   
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 15:16

The tough off-duty cops sat at one end of the bar, the ex-cons at the other.


The cons let the cops drink in peace. The cops didn’t bother the cons. Neutral turf for both.


Bob Morrissey, Toledo detective, walked in and sat with the cops. He ordered a beer, put his hand in his pocket, was surprised by what he found and smiled to himself.

Historic photos recall the glory days of City of Toledo
Written by John Szozda   
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 15:14

Toledo competes against its past as much as it competes against other cities.

That challenge is more daunting when you consider that in the 1840s Jesup W. Scott, editor and publisher of The Toledo Blade, called Toledo “The future great city of the world.” He was not alone in that assessment. Toledo was seen by many experts as a regional trade center that could surpass Chicago in size and importance.

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