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I began writing what would eventually become my first novel, “Suffering Madness”, in 1995. My design goals at the time were fairly small - I was targeting the short story market in magazines to try to develop a name. After enough rejections to wallpaper my office, I realized my writing was pretty bad... in fact, reading it could be defined as a horror in itself for any magazine editor.

Fortunately, my desire to write and tell stories overshadowed any detail like the mechanics of writing, and I was dumb enough to press past the rejections telling me I was clueless. I joined three critique groups at the same time, each requiring writing assignments and critiques and each holding their own strength in writing. One focused on character development, another on the mechanics of writing (“The Elements of Style” by Shrunk and White was their foundation), and the last centered on how to tell a really good story.

The seven most horrible days in John Schulte’s life were spent in “the dreaded hole,” at McKean Federal Prison Camp in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

You’d think after that 1994 experience, Schulte would avoid another prison term at any cost, but today he is incarcerated at Orient Correctional Reception Center near Columbus awaiting assignment to a state prison where he will serve an 18-month sentence for felony stalking of Judy Stout, an Oregon resident.

The stock market plunges, soars and plunges again. Retail sales are down, unemployment is up. The Fed makes an unprecedented cut in interest rates.

Time to consult a higher power.

Rebecca Booth, aka “The Marketing Goddess,” has spent her adult life in marketing and what she has to say can help you in your small business. So, if you’ve been downsized and turned your hobby into a business, or quit work to raise children but have a business on the side, or worked for a Fortune 500 firm but now have a mom and pop store, or are consulting in your career field after retirement, take heed. Booth says, now is not the time to pull back on advertising.

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