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The UFOs you see are Venusians patrolling our skies for our own good, or visitors studying sin in Satan’s backyard.

Now you know.

Let me clear up a few other mysteries.


There are 103 Victor Class spaceships hovering over Earth, the closest located Northeast of Detroit. The ship is docked at 12,400 foot-elevation.

The ships are manned by Venusians, angels sent by Jesus to save us from ourselves. Or, they are visitors from other planets who have come to study Satan’s sinful ways. Some are from Mars, some from Saturn, some from Jupiter. All live in the interior of their planets as do the three billion angels on Venus.

This astounding information comes not from Sci-Fi Friday, but from Tom Titus, Ohio director of the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO).

NICUFO and its founder, Dr. Frank Stranges, have been studying UFOs since 1967. Here is what Dr. Stranges has discovered. The universal battle between good and evil takes place on Earth and we are in the end times of that battle. Satan, who God banished to Earth, wants to corrupt and destroy us. He is behind nuclear proliferation, terrorism, religious extremism, global warming and the poisoning of our water, land and food. God has became so concerned, He sent us Venusian Commander Val Thor. Thor met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower on March 16, 1957. Dr. Stranges wrote about the meeting in his book Stranger at The Pentagon.

Now, some of you may be concerned about UFOs mucking up our skies, Satan conniving to destroy us and angels commiserating with government officials. But, worry not. “God gave us the intelligence to deal with all the problems we are facing on this planet,” Titus said last week.

With or without the help of angels.

That’s a comforting thought for true believers like Titus. He is not only a member of the Inner Circle he is also a member of The Royal Order of Melchizedek, a spiritual order based on four principals of living standards—compassion, love, truth and justice. Melchizedek was an Old Testament priest. Some say he was the model for Christ’s priesthood.

As a leader in this movement, Titus is on a mission to help us follow God’s laws. He recently authored his first book under the pen name Neil Thomas. In Humanity on Trial, a Venusian enlists the help of 12 college students to study mankind. There are no light sabers, Star Gates or flux capacitors. Just a philosophical discussion between the students and the Venusian, the gist of which is this, “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

In fact, Titus claims all other planets except ours observe this Golden Rule, and if Satan were banished to Mars, let’s say, Mars would have our problems and we would have an Eden-like existence. But, since Satan is here, aliens come here to study him.

These aliens also follow The Ten Commandments, which are universal laws, not merely religious ones. They also follow two other universal laws, Titus says: “Don’t do for others what they can do for themselves” and “Don’t interfere with human beings.”

This “Prime Directive” explains why many of you who have seen UFOs have not encountered ET’s.

Titus wants to bring this message of peace, love and understanding to Northwest Ohio. He’s sent his book to WTVG-TV, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, the Northwest Ohio Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and others. He would like to make Toledo a Model City for better understanding of cultural diversity and religious tolerance.

If you can’t wait for that to happen and you want to learn more, you can join NICUFO for $30 and subscribe to its Inter Space Link newsletter for $100. You can also purchase Dr. Stranges books including Spacecraft Over Earth and Outwitting Tomorrow, written with Commander Thor. And, you can go to to purchase Humanity on Trail.

Disbelievers, cynics and rational people will dismiss NICUFO as a cult. The rest of us see it as harmless fun. Tom Titus sees it as truth. What’s the harm in that? As Elvis Costello would ask, “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”

For more info, go to Or call Tom Titus at 419-382-9014. You may comment at




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