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"The terrorists are coming after us. They hate our guts. We're infidels," says Larry Donald Weseman, alarmist and author.

Weseman foresees a day in 2006 when the terrorists come to America again. This time, they will openly warn us with cries of "Here we come." In fear, we will self-destruct and lose the war.


Weseman predicts the attackers will hi-jack gas tanker trucks and use them as rolling instruments of destruction. The coordinated attack will ground all other trucks stifling our economy and pit families against each other in a fight for food and necessities.

"When they shut down the supply of oil to America, we will self-destruct. It will get ridiculous. We'll be in a fight for survival. Without trucks, this country will not make it. No tucks, no food, no gas for our cars," Weseman said.

In his scenario, terrorists will also attack oil tankers off the coast, the Euro will replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency crippling the world's economy and leading to the collapse of the international banking system, dirty bombs will be unleashed in our most populous cities and, eventually, Russia will join Iran in a nuclear attack on our shores.

Weseman delivers his dark scenario through the eyes of Adam Donaldson, the protagonist in Weseman's first novel Operation--Annihilation: Divided We Fall.

In this prophetic book, Adam is convinced his dreams of death and destruction foretell what will happen to America in the war on terror. His faith in his dreams are bolstered by his belief the unfolding action has also been foretold in The Bible, particularly in Revelations. Adam makes numerous failed efforts to warn the President of the United States until one day he is beaten by the police and taken into custody. They suspect his eerie warnings are too close to the truth and that he may be one of the terrorists.

While Weseman's book is fiction, his dark scenario of America's self-destruction is one he believes could happen. He has personally shared his predictions with local FBI officials and sent letters to President George W. Bush.

Weseman was at first reluctant to publish his book. You see, not only does the fictional Adam Donaldson have dreams about our destruction so does Larry Donald Weseman. He wanted assurances from the FBI that they had also foreseen the use of semi trucks as rolling bombs and had a plan to minimize damage. Once he received the FBI's okay, he published his book.

Weseman's dreams began about two years ago after his quadruple by-pass surgery. They were too vivid and disturbing to ignore, so he chose to write about them. First, he wanted to caution you to ready yourself for the end times, which, according to him, we are nearing. And, secondly, just in case the end times are not imminent, he hopes to launch a new career, one not as stressful as his previous careers as an executive for a national telecommunications firm and radio personality for many local stations including WCWA, WSPD and WIOT.

Larry began his radio career in 1968 at age 16 as Larry Love, a "Good Guy" deejay who took the place of The Mojo Man on WOHO radio, one of the top stations in the Toledo market prior to the advent of FM radio. After graduation from Ohio University the Genoa native started a long radio career until taking a position in telecommunications. After bypass surgery, Larry was advised to slow down. He now works from his Marblehead home and is working on a sequel to Operation--Annihilation.

You will find Weseman's book disturbing, particularly his descriptions of how easy it would be to hi-jack semis in our free society and bring in weapons of mass destruction from Canada.

Weseman also urges President Bush to move us away from our dependency on foreign oil. America is driving itself to death, he writes.

The best line in the book, however, comes when he accuses President Bill Clinton of failing to recognize the growing threat of Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. He writes, "Unfortunately for America though, the President who should have seen this failed to because he spent his two terms frolicking between the Bushes."

You can order a copy of the book at or go to and click on local authors.

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