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Oregon is currently in the process of updating its zoning code to make it more business friendly.

Mayor Mike Seferian said advancements in technology building materials spurred the city to review the code.

It is part of a three pronged approach by the city to become more business friendly, he said.

Last month, the city updated its sign code, which was followed by council’s approval of a new weed ordinance.

The City of Oregon will hold a stakeholders meeting for businesses along the State Route 2 (Navarre Avenue) corridor to get feedback on traffic issues.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 17, at 9 a.m. in council chambers, said City Administrator Mike Beazley.

It will be the third meeting the city has held for the businesses since 2011. The most recent meeting was held last fall, said Beazley.

Over the years, the Millbury Fireman’s Association has held an array of activities, including an annual ox roast, to raise funds to purchase equipment for the Lake Township Volunteer Fire Department - portable radios, air packs, stabilizer jacks, gloves and more – even a safety trailer the department uses for educational programs.

Last year, the association decided to not host the ox roast, a tradition in Millbury for nearly 40 years, citing high up-front costs for permits, licenses, and food as well as a decline in the association’s membership.

Nine people submitted applications for the position of superintendent in the Oregon City Schools District by the June 7 deadline.

Dr. Lonny Rivera, principal of the Wayne Trace Intermediate School in the Maumee City Schools District, and John M. Schloegl, director of operations, Kids Unlimited Academy, were the only candidates who live in Oregon.

On June 8, Woodmore High School graduate Madelyn Hille, 23, began her canoe trip down the entire 2,500 miles of the Mississippi River.

She is joined by a partner, Adam Hoffmeister, 25. Together, they are canoeing the headwaters at Itasca State Park in Minnesota until they reach the Gulf of Mexico in New Orleans. Hille and Hoffmeister have been together for three years. They both share a love for adventure and traveling.

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