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The T Whitehead Recovery Center, formerly the Idle Time Club, is reaching out for support from the community.

According to John Hughes, the center’s director, the building where the facility is located is in need of major work.

“The building we are housed in is in need of some renovations,” said Hughes. “We are also in the process of acquiring other nearby properties for expansion of the center, to include a banquet hall to be rented out for various social gatherings, which will contribute to our vision and its sustainability.”

The Idle Time Club has been a fixture in East Toledo since it was first opened by Tom Whitehead in 1973. Due to mismanagement by a former manager, the Idle Time fell on hard times and lost its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in the process.

After 10 years of paying general fund expenses with a 7.4-mill operating levy, the Village of Woodville is asking voters for an additional 2 mills in the March 15 primary election.

Citing rising costs for fire and police service, street improvements, maintaining the municipal pool, and upkeep for the town hall, local history museum and library, village officials say the additional millage is needed to avoid cuts to the safety/police and street funds.

The village does not have a municipal income tax.

If approved, the additional millage would generate about $70,000 annually for five years starting in 2017. Currently, the 7.4 mills generates about $243,000 annually, said Barb Runion, fiscal officer.

Northwood is reviewing a proposed vacant property ordinance that would establish a program for identifying and registering vacant residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The proposal would shift the burden of addressing deteriorated vacant buildings from the city to the property owner.

The purpose of the ordinance, according to City Administrator Bob Anderson, is threefold:

•To ensure that owners of vacant properties are known to the city and other interested parties and can be reached if necessary;

•To ensure that owners of vacant properties are aware of the obligations of ownership under relevant codes and regulations;

•To ensure that owners of vacant properties meet minimum standards of maintenance of vacant properties.

In addition to reviewing protocols for responding to injuries suffered by staff and students, the Lake school board will also consider restoring the school nurse position.

The board announced the review during its February meeting in response to a Feb. 8 incident at the middle school in which a student’s fingertip was severed in a closing door.

A statement by the board says board members are satisfied the administration and staff members reacted properly to the accident.

Oregon is seeking $1.3 million from the Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund for construction of the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project.

The project, done in four phases, will ensure structural integrity of the existing sewers and remove groundwater infiltration from the sewer collection system.

The project is located in the Ketcham’s Farms and East Hollywood subdivisions. It is required by the city’s wastewater treatment plant’s NPDES permit. It consists of the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer mainlines, laterals and manholes. The sewers were constructed in 1924 of vitrified clay pipe.

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