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The ISIS supporters who attacked Brussels killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. Bombings at the city’s airport and a subway station blew up the notion that measures taken after the Paris siege were keeping Europe safe.

The scariest part of this story is something that hasn’t happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism.

World leaders and the experts who track the whereabouts of fissile material should see Belgium’s ordeal as a wakeup call. Nuclear reactors — as the Fukushima disaster proved five years ago in Japan — aren’t worth the risks they pose based on operational safety considerations alone. But security questions also render them unacceptably perilous.

Nero, the Belgian malinois canine of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, has been undergoing a clinical trial program at The Ohio State University to treat lymphoma, Sheriff Stephen Levorchick said last week.

The initial diagnosis was made at the Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Michael Stone.

Since then, the 6-year-old Nero has been receiving treatment at the university’s Veterinary Medical Center and has been undergoing testing to determine the type of lymphoma and what future treatments are warranted.

Sheriff Levorchick said treatments were started before a complete diagnosis to not delay any benefits.

After hearing a recommendation from a planning committee of community members, the Benton-Carroll-Salem school board will proceed with seeking voter approval of a bond issue on the August ballot to construct a new school building for kindergarten through the seventh grade.

Board members are scheduled to meet April 5 for a work session to further discuss the project.

The committee’s recommendation also calls for renovating the high school building and taking the R.C. Waters Elementary School and Oak Harbor Middle School out of service and demolishing them.

After receiving public input on a new land-use plan for Wood County, a steering committee is scheduled to meet April 6 to discuss how to proceed with all the data that has been accumulated.

“We’re in the working phase now. That’s the best way to describe it,” said Dave Steiner, director of the Wood County Planning Commission.

The commission sponsored a forum in February to offer the public a chance to voice its opinion on future growth and development. The county’s current plan was adopted in 2007.

The Oregon City Schools District is currently negotiating contracts for the Oregon City Federation of Teachers and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees.

The current contracts expire July 31, according to Superintendent Hal Gregory.

An initial meeting with the union representatives started in March, said Gregory. There have been no offers or tentative agreements as of last week.

Negotiations traditionally focus on three core areas, including salaries and compensation, insurance benefits and working conditions, said Gregory.

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