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A ceremony in honor of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Peter Navarre Monument will be held Friday, September 5, at 2:00 p.m.

Peter Navarre (Larry Michaels) and Robert Navarre (Terry Breymaier) will participate in the program coordinated by Robyn Hage.

Larry Michaels, aka Peter Navarre, talks to Navarre Elementary School students
during a recent Peter Navarre Day.

The monument at the corner of Navarre Avenue and White Street was dedicated on July 4, 1914. The guns on the monument are in honor of both Peter and Robert Navarre for their services as scouts for General Harrison during the War of 1812. About 5,000 "patriotic citizens" were in attendance at the dedication. Capt. George Scheets, former Mayor of Toledo and secretary of the Ford Post, was chairman of the event. William H. Tucker, president of the East Toledo Commercial Club, was the master of ceremonies.

Also present at the dedication were Peter's three surviving sons (Oliver, Eli, and Lambert) and his two daughters (Susan and Zoa). Robert R., the last son of Robert the scout, died just a few months before the monument was dedicated. Victoria Caderact, the last Chippewa on the East Side, was too ill to attend, and she died the following year.

For Stan Sagan, owner of Family Friends Anime and Games, the goal of his store has always been to bring others joy.

“I opened the store because I want kids to have as much fun as I did when I was a kid,” he said.

The store, which has been open since 2005, is split between selling Japanese Animation items, and tabletop games. Sagan’s shop can be found in the Weber Block building at Front and Main Street in East Toledo.

Sagan’s interest in Japanese Animation has been around for decades, even before there was a good way for American fans to experience it.

“In the mid 80s, I went to a meeting for the University of Michigan Anime Club,” he said. “This was before anything was ever subtitled, you were reading (the dialogue) off of a script.”

Nature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation Education is seeking donations to help with care for a Sandhill Crane chick that was attacked by a dog in Williams County.

When the crane was brought to center, located in the Blue Creek Conservation Area in Whitehouse, Aug. 11 it had multiple puncture wounds and spinal trauma and was unable to stand on its own.

The staff has been providing care for the chick, including medication and physical therapy. The biggest challenge to the crane’s recovery was to get the chick to eat. Staff offered many appropriate options, and its favorites were discovered to be mice, smelt and earthworms.

On a warm summer night the Lake Township trustees turned their attention to an item used during the winter – road salt.

And after hearing the price it would cost to buy salt through the Ohio Department of Transportation bidding process, the trustees approved a motion Tuesday to not participate in the program.

Dan McLargin, township road supervisor, informed the trustees it would cost townships and municipalities in Wood County $134.82 a ton for salt if ODOT agreed to purchase from Morton Salt, Inc., which was the only company to submit a bid to the department.

The township paid a little more than $32 a ton earlier this year when it replenished its supply, McLargin said.

The Press Newspapers won three awards from the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists for publications with a circulation of fewer than 75,000.

Managing Editor John Szozda won second place in the best columnist category. Szozda, News Editor Larry Limpf, Sports Editor Pat Eaken, Features Editor Tammy Walro and Photographer Ken Grosjean won second place in social issues reporting for the special section “Housing in East Toledo: Downward Spiral or Opportunity, which looked at the precipitous decline in housing values, what contributed to that decline, the emergence of absentee landlords and what is being done to rekindle the American dream of owning a home.

Kelly J. Kaczala and Melissa A. Burden won second place in public records use for their story, "Questions raised over the need for senior levy,” which uncovered information on whether voters were given accurate information on the need for a new senior services levy that would be on the November 2013 ballot in Oregon.

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