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Can science, grounded in physical theory and proof, coexist with religion, Christianity, which is grounded in faith?

If you ask Jeffrey Kirkbride, of Pemberville, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Jeffrey Kirkbride

“We can’t prove God scientifically, but there are evidences of God,” Kirkbride said. “A lot of pastors are suspicious of science. People, evangelists, are angered by the basic things, theories in science. The scientists I have worked with ridicule people of faith. I feel that we need someone to build bridges between science and the church.”

A 1972 Eastwood High School graduate, Kirkbride worked in a factory in Luckey for one year before attending Bowling Green State University. He then went to Ohio University, in Athens, earning his bachelor of science degree in physics.

The Ohio Controlling Board last week released $243,577 in state funds to the Department of Natural Resources to fund safety improvements to Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon.

The project includes replacing the park’s old underground storage tanks after 25 years of service.

“The park’s fuel tanks have been regarded as hazardous by the EPA for years and are in dire need of replacement,” said State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon). “By making these necessary changes, I believe we are honoring our responsibility to sustain the safety of our state parks for future generations of visitors to enjoy.”

Sheehy said the funds were earmarked in the state’s budget.

“It’s a capital improvement that has to be done,” said Sheehy.

A decision by the Wood County Common Pleas Court declaring a Lake Township man as a vexatious litigator has been upheld on appeal.

The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals upheld the decision against Andrew Prewitt, who’s been involved in a lengthy custody dispute.

The appeals court rejected Prewitt’s argument that the lower court erred by transferring the matter from the juvenile court to the general division of the common pleas court and it ruled the common pleas court decision was supported by “competent, credible evidence that he habitually, persistently and without reasonable grounds engaged in vexatious conduct in a civil action.”

The rescue community has lost the scent of a dog that has been on the lam since November 2014.


Lori Sodd, owner of Kierra, a five-year-old boxer mix, said the trail has been cold for several months.

The last sighting of the 35-pound, medium sized chestnut brown dog with white paws and a black muzzle, was at Oakdale Avenue and Utah Street in East Toledo last summer.

Weeks after Kierra got out of Sodd’s yard on Vinal Street, volunteers blanketed the area with fliers featuring a photo of the dog. There had been an almost obsessive effort in pursuing her when she first went missing. Many spent hours just to catch even a glimpse of the dog after learning she had been spotted in a certain area.

So, you want to take back East Toledo from the transient renters, absentee landlords, negligent neighbors, thieves, vandals and drug pushers. Here’s your chance.

Three events, Global Youth Service Day, Get the Lead Out, and Initiative to Restore East Toledo are all about cleaning up and making others aware of safety and housing issues in the historic neighborhoods.

Initiative to Restore East Toledo meeting will be at 6 p.m. on March 31 at the Hungarian Club of Toledo, 224 Paine Avenue, with a presentation by Birmingham Development Corporation, One Voice for East Toledo, and Birmingham’s AmeriCorps member Kelly Dean. The plan is to engage and empower existing neighborhood leaders and identify new leaders in the Birmingham neighborhood.

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