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A public forum to discuss the financial situation of the Woodmore Local School District has been scheduled by the board of education for Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.

The forum will be held in the cafetorium of the PreK-8 Building, 800 Main St., Woodville.

The results of an audit of the district’s books by accounting firm, Julian & Grube, are among the items for discussion,

Board president Steve Huss, who chair’s the board’s finance committee, said he’ll also review the district’s recent five-year forecasts.

Earlier this year, the board retained Julian & Grube to review accounting statements.

Huss said the firm’s report covers the district’s finances through May 30.

Members of the Woodmore school board agreed Tuesday by a 4-1 vote to a payment of $29,000 to Cara Brown, a Woodville resident, who filed a lawsuit alleging the board repeatedly violated Ohio’s open records and meeting laws.

A settlement was reached in July by mediation in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court.

Board president Steve Huss cast the sole no vote.

In addition to the payment, the board has undergone a training session by the Ohio School Boards Association and OSBA will monitor future board meetings.

Jeff Chambers, a spokesman for the OSBA, said two staff members of the association were present at Tuesday’s meeting.

It’s almost becoming a quarterly ritual for residents living in the eastern half of the City of Northwood and in Lake Township, including the Village of Millbury; notices arrive from the Northwestern Water & District advising them the allowable levels of a disinfectant by-product have been exceeded.

Notices were distributed earlier this month to consumers along the district’s waterline 200, which is linked to the City of Oregon’ s distribution system. The advisory informs consumers the average level of trihalomethanes during the four quarters prior to the July 1 – Sept. 30, 2015 monitoring period was 0.10 mg/L (milligrams per liter). The allowable standard for TTHM is 0.08 mg/L.

The average level over the four quarters preceding the April 1 – June 30 2015 monitoring was 0.086 mg/L and the average during four quarters prior to the Jan. 1 – March 31 monitoring was 0.092 mg/L.

The Woodmore school board has approved a resolution to proceed with the bidding process for demolishing the former elementary school building but board members are divided on how to meet the district’s need for storage space.

The board Tuesday voted 3-2 for taking the preliminary steps needed to raze the building. A proposal that’s been floated to retain for storage the wing of the building that housed kindergarten and first grade classes drew support from Steve Huss and Julie Bowman, the board’s president and vice president respectively, but Joe Liszak, Dan Hoppe and Corinna Bench voted for the resolution.

A member of the board’s buildings and grounds committee, Bowman said a recent inspection of the wing and materials being stored there, indicates the district is using about 6,000 cubic feet of space for storage.

The City of Northwood Community Cares Committee is hosting a golf outing at noon on Sunday, Oct. 4 at Sugar Creek Golf Course in Elmore to raise funds to develop a community pride day.

Although it is not an officially sanctioned event by the city, proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for the creation of an annual festival starting next year.

City Administrator Bob Anderson said the city wants to have its own city pride event, similar to surrounding communities. Oregon has Oregon Fest and Boomfest, and Walbridge has Rally by the Rails. Northwood is long overdue to have its own festival, he said.

Even Bono, said Anderson, has “Bonofest,” said Anderson.

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