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While running for re-election to U.S. Congress in October 2012, Rep. Marcy Kaptur told 100 Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce guests she believes stronger branding efforts must be made to promote Lake Erie.

“I am constantly telling audiences that we live in the most arable place on earth here on the banks of Lake Erie — the most prolific of all the Great Lakes. And, I challenged the U.S. Geological Survey one time to tell me where outside here there is this much fresh water and this much arable land. The truth is, there is no other place,” Kaptur said.

History can be found in many places. Books, museums, photo albums, libraries or antique shops to name a few, but sometimes, we find history right beneath our feet. Such was the case this past month in Genoa when road crews, resurfacing a portion of Washington Street, unearthed dozens of old wooden railroad ties from a now-defunct electric interurban train that used to run between Toledo and the Lakeside-Marblehead area.

Oregon council on Monday accepted the bids of four contractors to repair a list of roads as part of the 2014 Road Program.

Officials in the Village of Oak Harbor hope an engineering study underway will detect leaks and offer ways to plug its hemorrhaging water line system.

At present, the Oak Harbor water distribution system has a whopping 42 percent water loss rate, according to the estimates of Interim Village Administrator Randy Genzman.

“We eat a lot of those costs,” he noted.

Years of growth and major projects have passed since the Northwestern Water & Sewer District prepared a master plan, says Jerry Greiner, president of the district, and now it’s time to prepare another.

A report of the new plan, which identifies long-term needs for water and sewer services throughout Wood County, is scheduled for completion by mid-summer.

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