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The Lake school board has amended the district’s policy for academic eligibility for student athletes, including raising the required grade point average.

In addition to current baseline requirements set by the board and the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Lake student athletes will be expected to maintain at least a 1.7 grade point average to be held in academic good standing.

Student athletes with grade point averages below 1.7 but who have at least a 1.5 will be placed on academic watch.

A dilapidated building that was left vacant for over 20 years in East Toledo was finally torn down last week by the Lucas County Land Bank, which had recently acquired the foreclosed property.

The commercial property at 452 Dover near Dearborn, was blighted and the subject of many neighborhood complaints over the years.

“This demolition is very significant to the community. It’s been such a thorn for so many decades,” said Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz, who is chairman of the land bank’s board of directors.

“The land bank is in a position to do so many rehabs all across the community. I treat them as routine, but this is uniquely important to the psyche of people in East Toledo. In all the conversations we’ve had with community members in East Toledo, this was a property that Jodi Gross always mentioned as a major eyesore and problem,” he said.

Oregon City Council on Monday will consider establishing the hours, rules and regulations of parks in some neighborhoods that have concerns about loitering and other inappropriate activities after dark.

City Administrator Mike Beazley said the proposed amendment to the city’s zoning code on parks and recreation is under review after discussions with block watch groups.

“They are concerned about the use of city properties, small parklands, in the Eastmoreland and adjacent neighborhoods, and they want to make sure we can properly regulate the use of the parks after dark,” he said at a committee of the whole meeting on March 7.

Oregon City Council on Monday will consider revising engineering services for designs for the Pickle Road Storm Sewer Relief Ditch project so that more homes can benefit from new storm sewers.

Council on March 14, 2011, awarded a $51,000 contract to Jones & Henry Engineers LTD., to provide professional engineering services for the final design and bidding for the Wolf Creek Relief Ditch project and a $91,000 contract for the Pickle Road Storm Relief Ditch project.

The city is requesting to amend the design contract for the Pickle Road Storm Sewer Relief Ditch project to include an additional 1,700 feet of new 24” and 30” storm sewer that will provide storm drainage relief for the East Meadow and Delta Addition (Flo, Fleitz, and Mary Allen) subdivisions as well as for an area near Coy Road. Jones & Henry Engineers LTD., would receive an additional $18,000 for the revised project.

A proposed FirstEnergy rate plan has drawn the support of a coalition of officials from local government, organized labor, public education and the economic development sector in Ottawa County.

The utility’s Electric Security Plan, which is pending before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, was endorsed last week by the Ottawa County commissioners who said it would stabilize electric rates.

The commissioners hosted a press conference Monday to underscore a letter of support for the plan they submitted to the PUCO.

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