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Oregon will inform the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency of its plans to drill wells in the right-of-way to monitor potential off-site contamination near Envirosafe Services of Ohio, Inc.        

The city’s Public Utilities and Environmental Committee this summer unanimously recommended to council that the city install its own monitoring wells in response to the Ohio EPA’s Notice of Violations to Envirosafe earlier this year regarding leachate levels in Cell M, Envirosafe’s only active hazardous waste cell, and the inspections of the dewatering trenches and water line trench.

Local agencies are gearing up for what could be a very busy season as families and individuals try to figure out how to heat their homes while continuing to pay the rent, mortgage, put gas in their vehicles and feed their families.

As the economic crisis bears down on “Main Street USA,” local agencies that will be taking applications for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) are getting ready to deal with what they believe will be an onslaught of people reaching out for help.

On November 4, the village is asking for support of both a police levy and parks levy. Mayor Opelt says passage of both levies is important for the village to maintain its current rate of service to residents.

"The need for these levies is equally important due to the evidential loss of Modine and a possible loss of our elementary school," said a statement released by the village. "Council has determined the lowest millage possible to recoup this loss in revenue."

Wednesday morning, 11-year-old Eisenhower Middle School sixth grader Austin Takacs died after being struck by an Oregon City School bus driven by 68-year-old Rita Grivanos of Oregon.

The crash happened at 7:15 a.m. on Warner Way near Cardinal Bay, a subdivision off Pickle Road, said a statement from Oregon Police Lieutenant Hank Everitt written to dispatch and road sergeants.

Pemberville Police Chief Richard E. Bingham wants to see his department involved in the community, and vice versa.

So, Chief Bingham asked the village to implement two new programs — a Citizens Watch Program and a Citizens Ride-Along Program.

Chief Bingham brought the programs to council, council approved them, and now he says "he's looking forward to getting them started."

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