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With businesses closing and lay-offs occurring on a daily basis, many people may be losing hope of ever finding employment that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

Local agencies are currently scrambling to offer resources to the unemployed that will help them either find a job, be re-trained for a new job or get further education in order to get an even better one.

Members of Oregon’s volunteer part-time fire department showed up at city council Monday to oppose Mayor Marge Brown’s proposal to “soft bill” residents’ insurance companies for rescue services.

“We will not support soft billing,” said long-time Firefighter Ed Ellis. “The Oregon citizens have supported this fire department since the day I came into it over 40 years ago. They will continue to support it, and they don’t need to be double dipped. You say it goes against their insurance. Eventually, there’s going to be a charge that’s going to get around to me – whether it’s in my co-pay or my insurance rates going up.”

The city’s safety committee met before the meeting to discuss the issue. City Administrator Ken Filipiak said last week that soft billing may be needed to offset increased costs in the fire department.

Traditionally, Christmas is a time of joy and of giving. This year, many families struggling to pay their mortgage, rent, and utilities as well as provide food for their tables may have a difficult time celebrating the holiday. Sadly, parents may have to explain to their children why Santa was unable to come to their home.

Local agencies and churches are trying to help fulfill the holiday needs of those families with Christmas baskets loaded with food and gifts.

For residents located in Lucas, Wood, Ottawa and Erie Counties, the United Way of Greater Toledo offers a special hotline that can give those in need of emergency help information to get assistance.

Residents in the covered counties can simply dial 2-1-1 in order to get information on agencies who can help with “basic human services” including food, clothing, shelter, rental assistance and utility assistance. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you happen to drive by Genoa’s Brunner Elementary on an early spring afternoon, you’re likely to do a double take at the sight of him in one of his many track suits and matching ball caps.

If you stop by the school on a Wednesday any time of the school year for pizza day, you can bet that longtime Genoa gym teacher Brent McGraw will have been there first.

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