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If you’ve seen a member of the Vespidae family – the Dolichovespula maculata in particular – around your home, Russell Lamp would like to hear from you.

The entomologist is looking for active Bald-faced hornet nests; in particular, he seeks the venom the hornets produce, which he provides to pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines.

Police have issued arrest warrants for a 19-year-old male for aggravated burglary and arson of a residence in the 5100 block of Curtice Road on Aug. 30.

Xzavier Matthews’ last known address is 711 East Pearl St., Toledo, according to Northwood police.

Northwood Councilman Dave Gallaher is throwing his hat in the mayor’s race.

It is the third time Gallaher, 53, will try to defeat Stoner for the city’s top spot.

Gallaher, who has been a councilman since 1994, said he is running for mayor simply because he thinks he can do a better job addressing issues facing the city.

When native east sider Gary Thompson was hired as the executive director of the Oregon Economic Development Foundation in the spring of 2006, the Veterans Glass City Skyway was still under construction.

“We have a great bridge being built,” Thompson said. “It’s going to bring a lot of business to Navarre Avenue, even through it’s been a painful process.”

As volatile as the stock market has been lately, buying opportunities exist for investors who have a long-term outlook and a selective eye, say area financial advisors.

Michael Foster, of Foster Jones Investment Group, Perrysburg, says many of his clients were completely frustrated with Washington in 2008 when they were worried about a collapse of the financial system and how that would affect them.

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