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The management of a primary health care system plans to open a new facility in Troy Township by March of next year.

Joe Liszak, chief executive officer of Community Health Services, said the purchase of property at 5734 Fremont Pike has been completed as have the required building and zoning permits for the 6,700-square-foot, two-story facility.

Northwood City Council will begin the process of looking for a new Baseball Commissioner after Paul Gercak announced he will be retiring at the end of the month.

During council’s committee of the whole meeting November 1, Bob Anderson, city administrator, suggested council hire a contract employee to fill the position.

A consumer organization contends leasing or selling the Ohio Turnpike to a private company wouldn’t create new value but would, in effect, be merely borrowing against future toll revenue.

The Ohio Public Interest Research Group has released a report that focuses on several issues it says need to be addressed before any deal involving the turnpike is approved.

Oregon city council at a meeting on Monday approved a three year contract with Advance Cleaning Contractors, Inc., Toledo, to provide janitorial services for the municipal complex, the parks and recreation/streets division and water distribution buildings. 

The new contract will save the city thousands of dollars per year.

The water quality of tributary streams to the lower Maumee River and Lake Erie is impaired largely by bacteria from poorly treated sewage from home septic systems and small wastewater treatment plants, according to a report approved recently by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Rural and urban storm water run-off is also cited as a common cause.

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