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The Oregon school board is expected to vote on a planned grade reconfiguration at its December 18 meeting.

During a special board meeting held Monday, December 3, Superintendent Dr. Michael Zalar unveiled the district’s plans to reconfigure grades five through eight.

After hearing the concerns of a Plumey Road resident, the Lake Township trustees and police chief will ask the Wood County prosecutor’s office for more guidance in how far the township can go in limiting the operations of shooting ranges on private property.

Toby Slocum has some pretty straight forward advice for any commercial business owner when the discussion turns to electrical costs.

“What we tell customers is, you should shop your rate,” says Slocum, Energy Program Manager for GEM Energy.

Judge to explain court’s role
To keep the public up to date on the role of the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court, Judge Bruce Winters plans to pen articles periodically about what his responsibilities are.

County conducting disaster preparedness survey
How confident are you that you will be able to communicate with family or friends in the event of a natural disaster even if phone lines are down and email may not be available?

Will your decision to prepare for a natural disaster be influenced more by a government official, non-profit organization, a severe weather or news information source, or residents of your community?

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