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The Village of Genoa has readjusted its quarry admission fees for 2013 and will likely ask patrons to fill out family swim pass applications.

In the past few years, some swimmers living outside the village have taken advantage of the amount of people being checked in on one pass, Leeann Dufendock, chairwoman of Genoa’s Park Advisory Board, recently informed village council.

The Oregon school board next year is expected to change the cutoff date by which 5 year olds can enter kindergarten.

The date would change from Sept. 31 to Aug. 1.

Laurence St. John’s story is full of twists and turns, with an important message for all of us – “whatever your endeavors, rise above your doubts.”

The message holds true for St. John’s own life, as well for young Tyler Thompson – the protagonist of St. John’s new book, “Metatron, The Angel has Risen.”

Speed limits continue to be a topic of conversation in the Village of Walbridge as officials work to maintain public safety yet avoid the perception of the municipality becoming a speed trap.

If you have driven down Main Street in East Toledo lately, you may have noticed angled parking has replaced parallel parking spaces.

The new look also includes a reduction of traffic from two lanes to one way each way and the removal of parking meters.

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