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Judicious use of rewards promotes good behavior in kids
Written by the American Counseling Association   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:34


As parents, we all want to encourage good behaviors in our children, whether it’s playing with other children, doing schoolwork, performing family chores or simply interacting with adults.

Children learn their behaviors by associating them with consequences. When a child is rewarded for doing something well, he has learned it’s a positive consequence. If he is punished for a behavior, he learns it is a negative consequence. And when either consequence is repeated over time, it can lead to a change in behavior.

Research has shown that pleasant, positive consequences (rewards) are more effective in changing behaviors than unpleasant consequences (punishment). Such rewards can be either tangible, such as a toy or book or favorite food, or intangible, such as praise for doing something well. But regardless of the type of reward, how it is used is important if it is to be effective.

New Flood App Brings American Red Cross Safety Information to Mobile Devices
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:24

App’s audio flood and flash flood alerts can help save lives

TOLEDO, OHIO; Wednesday, March 29, 2014 — The American Red Cross announced its new Flood App to help save lives and reduce losses from floods and flash floods.

This free app gives iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone users instant access to local and real-time information, so they know what to do before, during and after a flood.

The content is available in English and Spanish based on the user’s language settings on their mobile device. The app includes location-based, audible NOAA flood and flash flood watches and warnings – even if the app is closed.

Local woman hoping to protect youth from sex trafficking, bullying
Written by Melissa Burden   
Thursday, 06 March 2014 15:11

For EleSondra “El” DeRomano , making peace with her past in order to help at risk youth avoid the same pitfalls she herself could not, has become a way of life.

DeRomano, a former sex worker, abuse victim, gang leader and lost soul, still spends her evenings walking the streets of East Toledo. This time, she is looking to save young women and men from the traps set out by those who would use them.

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