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New hip replacement surgery gets patients on their feet faster
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Thursday, 10 May 2012 14:17

Area patients who need a hip replacement have a new option designed to get them back on their feet much faster and with little or no pain.

The Anterior Supine Intermuscular (ASI) hip replacement procedure can significantly reduce post-operative pain and make the recovery process much easier for patients.

Most ASI patients are able to walk within 24 hours after surgery and only need to spend a couple of days in the hospital. They typically return to normal daily activities much sooner than patients who receive traditional hip replacement procedures.


ProMedica Orthopaedic Surgeon Karl Beer, MD, shows X-ray
scans to patients Jenifer Klostermeyer (far right) of Sylvania,
and Kathleen Hosler of Hillsdale, Mich.

What makes the technique different from other total hip replacement approaches is that with ASI, the surgeon makes the incision at the front of the patient’s hip, avoiding muscles and tendons that surgeons traditionally cut through to access the joint.

Karl Beer, MD, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with ProMedica Physicians, is the first specialist in the region offering ASI. He has performed 50 procedures in the last four months – most of them at the state-of-the art ProMedica Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital.

Most patients come to him in severe pain after putting off surgery for months and even years, he says. “I am so pleased to be able to offer this option to patients because the results are amazing,” Dr. Beer said. “I see patients recovering much faster, plus the hip is much more stable using ASI, which can prevent painful dislocations and additional surgery.”

Dr. Beer recommends that people talk to their doctors to determine if ASI may be the answer for them.

For more information about Dr. Beer and ProMedica Wildwood, visit

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